Russia and China Attack ‘Color Revolutions’

Now the time has come at which Obama’s crimes have become so prominent, and have become so complicated in other parts of the world. Now, how do we have to estimate this thing? Now, you have to understand what Putin is doing, from this standpoint. Putin is, first, aware that what he’s up against is a war against Russia, in particular, which is directed by the President of the United States. Right? It’s a fact. He does it. But they don’t call it a war. It’s a “scramble.” But they’re running it as a form of irregular warfare, but it is warfare, it is not irregular—yes, it’s irregular in some respects, but they don’t call it warfare, but it is warfare! The idea is, if they go in with knowing things, like these kinds of operations, and they say, “Well, that’s not warfare. These guys are patriots, they’re, you know, dealing against repression.”Lyndon LaRouche, from the June 6th, 2014 Webcast

Putin Attacked Color Revolutions at Moscow Conference

A Voice of Russia article reports President Vladimir Putin’s brief “greetings” to the May 23 Moscow Security Conference, and again confirms Lyndon LaRouche’s judgment that the attack on the “color revolutions” as brutal warfare, is Putin’s top-down policy.

According to the Voice of Russia article, Putin sent a written address to the Moscow Security Conference which was read by Defense Minister Shoigu, and in which Putin explicitly denounces “color revolutions” by name:

Putin said:”It’s time to stop playing geopolitical games…global instability is on the rise and it is now time to stop forcing someone’s methods and values on countries.”

“The process of development of a new polycentric system of international relations is proceeding with difficulty and is accompanied by an increase in global instability. We have not been able to make considerable headway in the formation of a union space of peace, security and stability in Europe and the Atlantic,”

“Obviously, modern challenges and threats make it necessary to stop the archaic logic of zero-sum geopolitical games, attempts to force your own methods and values on other peoples, including by color revolutions,”

No Good Organizations

This policy could be seen to be launched two and one-half years ago, when U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul and several hundred NGOs were trying to move “after an election” — the Soros/Sharp formula — to bring down Putin’s elected government. The election was Dec. 4, 2011, and EIR reported that on Dec. 8, then-“Prime Minister Putin, in a heated session with his National People’s Front on Dec. 8, noted that the U.S.A. has invested ‘hundreds of millions of dollars’ to shape the Russian electoral process. ‘We must develop forms of protecting our sovereignty, protecting ourselves from outside interference,’ he said.” 

Then followed, among other measures, the rigorous registration of NGOs operating in Russia, as agents of the foreign organizations supporting them. A year and one-half later, Putin told a German ARD-TV interviewer objecting to this, that the United States had had exactly the same law since 1938! Furthermore, there were 654 foreign NGOs operating in Russia (compared to two funded by Russia in Europe and the United States), and that these NGOs had received $1 billion from abroad in just the four months following Russia’s registration law.



China Warns Against Pseudo-Democratic “Street Politics”

China’s official news agency Xinhua reports that People’s Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party, carried a signed article yesterday, calling on people to guard against “the trap of Western-style democracy.” Senior Editor Mi Bohua writes:

“‘Copying Western-style democracy would probably lead to disaster,’ and ‘street politics’ usually leads to domestic turmoil and even civil war.”

Reflecting the warnings by Vladimir Putin and Lyndon LaRouche regarding “color revolutions” under democratic garb constituting aggressive warfare, the article states:”For the United States and other Western countries, anything that accords with their interests and accepts their manipulation is democracy, while those that do not fit the norm are not…. Some countries in Western Asia and Northern Africa have fallen into the craze for Western-style democracy, which has led to irretrievable secession and endless domestic struggles instead of happiness and stability. Countries in Western Asia and Northern Africa, Ukraine and Thailand, which have experienced street protests and even armed conflicts, have been led astray to the wrong path of Western-style democracy, that is, ‘street politics.’

“In most of the cases, the United States and some Western forces have been involved in the street politics in these countries, either on stage or behind the scenes.”

Venezuela Foreign Minister Condemns “Color Revolutions”

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua Denounced ‘Color Revolutions’ in a May 28 press conference in Moscow, following meetings with his counterpart Sergei Lavrov, RIA-Novosti reported May 29.”We have analyzed and condemned this entire process of the so-called colored revolutions, directed from abroad, which attempt to destabilize the situation in several countries, and undermine their independence and sovereignty.”Jaua said that Venezuela has been targeted by the same “colored revolution, accompanied by actions of armed groups” responsible for Ukraine’s destabilization.

Western Strategist Outlines Plan for Russian Regime Change

During a panel of the all-day conference on “Reassessing Democracy Promotion Amid Rising Authoritarianism” at Freedom House in Washington, D.C. on June 9th, right-wing political theorist Michael Mandelbaum concurred that coups against democratically elected government can be justified, and discussed plans for regime change in Russia through economic and cultural warfare.

‘If we want to call it that’

“Every situation is different, said Mandelbaum in response to the question of whether a coup can be justified against a democratically elected government. “It may be that the coup” against Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine, “if we want to call it that, would lead to stable democracy.” 

Mandelbaum, formerly an advisor at the Council on Foreign Relations and current board member of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), went on to promote a U.S. and Western-led regime change in Russia, which he said would be leveraged by precipitous drops in energy revenue.

Mandelbaum told RIA Novosti,”When you get a crack in the ruling regime, that opens the possibility for regime change. I think that that is feasible. I think it’s desirable. I think the West, including, importantly the Europeans, has the means to bring that about or at least to make it more likely. And I would certainly favor it.”

The Russian Defense Ministry has warned in recent weeks of the danger that “color revolutions” and democracy movements play in global stability, holding a major Moscow Security Conference on the subject May 23, to which President Putin sent a message attacking the “color revolutions” scheme, seen above.




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