Are the British Planning “Iraq War III?”

General Colin Powell famously said about the Iraq war: “You break it, you own it.” The reality of that phrase is writ in the blood on the hands of the British Monarchy’s Tony Blair, and of his American accomplices today.

Blair and his American poodle George W. Bush launched the warfare that led directly to the current crisis in Iraq. The British, Bush-Cheney, and Obama have nurtured their alliance with the Saudi kingdom which has persistently stocked the sectarian warfare in that nation. Now that the country is exploding, will the British-run Obama administration go for “Iraq War III?”

Anti-war columnist Justin Raimondo raises that question in a posting Friday, and backs it up with documentation from the Status of Forces agreement which Obama signed with the Maliki government, that shows that U.S. military forces could indeed be sent back into Iraq. Technically, the Iraqi government would have to agree, of course, but, given the desperation of the situation, that could not be totally ruled out.

What is known is that President Obama has already asked his national security team to “prepare a range of other options,” than sending in troops. In a statement from the White House today, Obama declared the current ISIL assault to be a threat to both Iraq and potentially to “American interests as well.” He elaborated by scolding the Iraqi government for succumbing to sectarian divisions, and not having been willing to make the “hard decisions” necessary.

While a case could be made for deficiencies of the Maliki government, the United States government, which carried out the illegal war of aggression, has no moral grounds for complaint.

At a Pentagon briefing Friday, the press spokesman confirmed that the military is putting together options for intervention in Iraq, which sources have said range from training, to airstrikes, to drone strikes.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry had returned to the scene of the crime of the 2003 war, London, where he met with British Foreign Minister Hague, and repeated Hague’s cynical line, called out by Lavrov Thursday, that the cause of the Iraq disintegration lay in the failure to “deal with” Syria.

By contrast, a refreshingly honest statement on the situation came yesterday from UK Home Office minister Norman Baker, who said that “the recent surge of violence in Iraq is a legacy of former British prime minister Tony Blair.”

Terrorist Abu Hamza Al Misri: I Was Working for British Intelligence

Abu Hamza al-Misri, the jihadist cleric who ran the notorious London Finsbury Park mosque throughout the 1990s and first decade of the 21st century, is on trial in New York for terrorist conspiracies. In early May 2014, Abu Hamza, while testifying, made the public claim in court that he had worked for British MI5 while running the safe house/recruiting center that earned London its title of “Londonistan.”

But what he claimed in court is not even close to the truth about the depth of his role for the Anglo-Saudi operations.

The January 11, 2000 EIR dossier, “Put London on List of Terrorist Sponsors,” documents many of Abu Hamza’s actions in supporting and building Al Qaeda and its precursors that came out of the Afghanistan mujahaddin. EIR reported that in August 1998 after the bombings of the American Embassies in Africa:

“Within hours of the two bombings, a number of London-based groups issued endorsements of the bombings. Supporters of Sharia, headed by Abu Hamza Al-Misri, an Egyptian who was convicted of a capital offense in Egypt, but who enjoys political asylum in London, issued one of the most virulent “endorsements.” Omar Bakri, the head of Al-Muhajiroon, as well as the Islamic Observation Center, the Islamic Jihad organization’s official propaganda and fundraising organization in London, also endorsed the bombings….”

In 2011, the London Telegraph reported from the Wikileaks documents on Guantanamo, that “young men from around the world were radicalised before being sent to al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan. At least 35 Guantánamo detainees passed through Finsbury Park.” The mosque, funded by Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd, was also “feted” and visited by Prince Charles in the mid-1990s.

New York’s Channel 4 News reported on May 8, 2014 that “Testifying in New York for the first time in his New York trial Mr. Hamza’s lawyer said that he had cooperated with MI5 and police with the brief of ‘cooling hotheads’.

“Holding up what he said were reports from Scotland Yard, [lawyer] Joshua Dratel described the cleric as an ‘intermediary’ who secretly helped to try and end foreign hostage-taking and defuse tensions in the years leading up to 9/11.”

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