Colombian Presidential Election A Victory for British Empire

The re-election of British war criminal Tony Blair’s top protégé south of the U.S. border, Juan Manuel Santos, as President of Colombia June 15th, gives a green light for proceeding on Santos’s “peace” negotiations with the largest cocaine cartel in South America, the narco-terrorist FARC. The FARC deal is of a piece with the British Crown’s drive for legalization of the global drug trade, for which Santos is also an outspoken advocate—along with U.S. President Barack Obama.

Four days after that election, Santos’s new Ambassador to the U.K., Nestor Osorio, took Santos’s case directly to the Queen. A news wire posted by Colombia’s Consulate in London reported on May 29 that when Osorio presented his credentials to Queen Elizabeth, he had transmitted “a personal message” from President Santos “on the historic moment” through which Colombian-British bilateral relations were passing, and discussed plans for the “peace” process.

Among other measures, former President Cesar Gaviria, a wholly-owned asset of George Soros with decades of service to the drug mob, was called into action to ensure a Santos victory. The London Observer editorialized on election day, that a Santos victory was urgent, “to create a new paradigm for dealing with narcotics and peace reconciliation.”

In banner headlines yesterday, the Economist expressed the City of London’s relief that Santos had won, ensuring that negotiations with the FARC cartel “will continue uninterrupted.”

Santos defeated his opponent, Oscar Zuluaga, with just under 51% of the vote, in a second round vote in which more people sat out the elections (17.2 million) than voted (15.7 million), with 4% of the votes cast blank.

It was a tight race. Zuluaga campaigned against handing the country back over to the FARC, and against drug legalization, and with the backing of the still-popular former President Alvaro Uribe Velez, he beat Santos in the May 25 first round of elections.

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