Destroy the British Empire with LaRouche’s Four Laws

The British Empire is unleashing all of its assets in a global campaign of barbarism that shows the nature of the enemy in the most stark terms. Counterpose the content of Sunday’s Schiller Institute 30th anniversary conference with the genocide being unleashed in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, the West Bank, and elsewhere around the planet, and you see the choice before mankind: Either destroy the power of the British Empire now, or the danger of war—just as Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp-LaRouche have been warning—will be fully realized in the greatest genocide in history.

In Iraq, the ISIS advances towards Baghdad continued on Tuesday, with fighting extended to the town of Baquba just 40 miles from the capital. Under the imminent threat of impeachment, President Obama informed Congress under the War Powers Resolution that he has sent the initial 270 American armed soldiers to Iraq, with the aircraft carrier USS George W. Bush and five other combat ships already in the Persian Gulf. On Monday, Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns met with Iranian officials on the sidelines of the P5+1 prep talks in Vienna to discuss the Iraq crisis.

This approach is a dead-end trap reminiscent of the early days of the Vietnam escalation, when the US was just sending in “advisers.” As long as Obama remains in the White House, there is no chance of the US taking the proper action: a total break with the British and Saudi empire forces and a targeting of the actual authors of the barbarian assault on mankind playing out around the globe. The British game plan for quite some time has been to provoke a new Hundred Years War between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims. At the same time, the provocations continue against Russia directly. On Tuesday, the main pipeline bringing Russian natural gas to Western Europe was blown up in the middle of Ukraine—in an area fully under the control of the Kiev government. Just a few weeks ago, the head of the Right Sector had vowed to blow up this very pipeline. Since the Poroshenko inauguration, there has been a relentless campaign of bombing, including the use of phosphorous bombs outlawed under international law. The intent of this genocide is to draw Russia into a strategic showdown conflict — not with Ukraine, but with NATO and the United States. There is a hair-trigger for the use of theater nuclear weapons behind these provocations, as the Russians have been warning for months. Recall that the Moscow International Security Conference on May 23 made clear that “color revolution” like that now underway in Ukraine is a form of asymmetric warfare.

Between Iraq and Ukraine, we are not seeing a world “sleepwalking into war.” We are, in fact, seeing the British Empire desperately pushing the world into war to preserve their thoroughly bankrupt system by the only means available: genocidal wars of strategic distraction. Ultimately they could push the world to extinction.

The British Empire is acting out of strategic weakness and vulnerability. So why not just put that empire out of its misery? The options are there. Just implement LaRouche’s four measures, starting with Glass-Steagall, the reconstituting of a Federal regulated commercial banking system under Treasury Department supervision, the launching of tremendous capital investment in infrastructure, and an international crash program for thermonuclear fusion. There is no solution to the “Iraq crisis” per se, any more than there is a solution in itself to Ukraine, Syria, the South China Sea, Africa, etc. Bankrupt the root cause of the disasters—the British empire. Glass-Steagall puts them out of their—and our misery. Dump Obama, who has committed more impeachable crimes than previous presidents combined.

The Schiller Institute conference in New York City on Sunday demonstrated that there are international forces prepared to ally behind Lyndon and Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s leadership to crush the power of empire and create a world without war. The message from New York must radiate out everywhere. Much of the conference video is already posted on the Schiller Institute website, so there is ammunition already stored for immediate use.

We must bring the fight around Lyn’s four-point solution everywhere around the country.

On Sunday, we had Russia, China, Ukraine, and leading American forces all weighing in to end the drive for war and to rebuild the United States and the world. The day after the Schiller event, Monday, June 16, was the 81st anniversary of FDR’s signing into law of the Glass-Steagall Act. An LaRouchePAC-inspired petition from Public Citizen, signed by 162 organizations, including the AFL-CIO, the IAM, the UAW, the CWA, AFSCME and Americans for Financial Reform, and Senator Richard Black from Virginia, has been sent to every member of the Senate, urging immediate passage of the 21st Century Glass Steagall Act.

Seize the moment. The whole world is looking to our leadership; we cannot be wanting.

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