Co-Chairman Of 9/11 Families Group Calls For Support For House Concurrent Resolution 423

Terry Strada, co-chair of the 9/11 Families United for Justice Against Terrorism, issued an appeal to those attending the June 15 Thirtieth Anniversary conference of the Schiller Instiute, to “take action now,” and join her group in supporting House Concurrent Resolution 428, which calls for President Obama to release the crucial 28 redacted pages from the Joint Congressional Inquiry on 9/11.

Strada, whose husband was murdered on 9/11/01, argued that declassifying those 28 pages is critical to answering the questions of who was behind 9/11, and how they were able to attack us.”

Specifically, Strada charged that “Contrary to what our government allowed us to believe, al-Qaeda did not act alone. Long before 9/11, there was a complex financial network of wealthy individuals, banks, and so-called charities, referred to as the Golden Chain, established to give financial aid, material and logistical support, to the 19 hijackers. This intricate web of money leads to mainly one source: Saudi Arabia.”

Declassifying the 28 pages will shed light on the sources of funding of the terrorists, she charged. “Timely declassificaiton of the 28 pages is essential for our national security.”

She concluded by thanking Representatives Walter Jones (R-NC), Steven Lynch (D-Mass), and Thomas Massie (R-Ky) for introducing H.Res.Con. 428, and urging all those listening to call their Congressmen to support that resolution now.

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