Rogozin Assures, Russia and India Will Strengthen Their Privileged Strategic Partnership

Following his recent visit to India and his meeting with the newly-elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said he conveyed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s desire to work with him to “further strengthen the special and privileged strategic partnership between the countries.” He also confirmed that Russia will retain its strategic presence in India, primarily, by increasing cooperation in the fields of nuclear energy, space exploration and space technology. And also — joint development of the multi-purpose transport plane and the fifth generation fighter aircraft. The creation of samples and development of unique weapons and military equipment in joint ventures in India will be another priority in the cooperation between the two countries.

Rogozin had earlier told the Indian media that Russia has proposed the construction of a gas pipeline from Russia to India. “Such a project would be one of the largest infrastructure projects that could be conceived,” Rogozin said.

What is also on the table, Voice of Russia reports, is a proposal for Indian oil and gas companies’ participation in the development projects of energy resources in Siberia, the Far East and the Arctic shelf of Russia. India’s oil and gas bellwether ONGC and Rosneft are considering working together for the development of the Yurubcheno-Tokhomsky gas condensate field in the Krasnoyarsk Region. Indian Oil Corporation is also contemplating on becoming a partner of Russian companies in projects for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

According to Vladimir Yevseyev, director at the Center for Public Policy Research, the Obama administration is making efforts to undercut the Russia-India relations. “India takes a principled position on the safeguarding and possible growth in relations with Russia and this fact is becoming the most serious problem for the United States. The U.S. attempted to strongly influence China into playing down its relations with Russia and got rebuffed. Now the U.S. is trying to put pressure on India to spoil its relations with Russia. And they are facing the same kind of resistance, but in a tougher form,” said Yevseyev.

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