Wall Street Issues a “Risky Business”/Global Warming Report: Peons Must Submit to Loss of Life, to Save Planet

The new “Risky Business” group of Wall Street biggies, including three former Treasury Secretaries (Henry Paulson, Robert Rubin and George Shultz), today released their report on how global warming is so bad for the economy, that there must be “a price” put on greenhouse gas emissions to slow it down. Their message is the same as that of Prince Charles at the recent London billionaires’ confab, called “Inclusive Capital:” plan to die to save the planet.

The new report’s title is, A Climate Assessment for the United States; the report’s point is—translated from all the jargon—that the public must submit to further bail-in of their means of existence, in obeisance to green lies. It asserts, for example, that 40 percent of Americans live on coastal areas, which will be underwater, if meantime, carbon emissions aren’t curbed. Agriculture will be affected, etc. So you are expected to pay more in myriad ways—taxes, cuts in necessities, “conservation”—in the name of reducing greenhouse gases. The report on the website features an interactive map for you to “Explore the Regions” of the U.S.

Risky Business was formed October, 2013, for the purpose of the filthy operations it is conducting this week. Its representatives at this morning’s press conference at the Palace Hotel in New York City, were Michael Bloomberg, Hank Paulson, and Thomas Steyer, the economic hitman, now policing elections in the U.S., to ruin any Democrat candidate who is not ultra-green.

A White House meeting is set for tomorrow with the three men, along with fellow Risky Biz members, including Gregory Page, Executive Chairman of Cargill, Inc., the world’s biggest, and private, agro-commodity company.

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