A Brief Window of Opportunity

In the 24 hours since Lyndon LaRouche’s statements of Tuesday evening around the single focus of the Klein revelations which mandate that Obama must immediately be impeached, an international mobilization has been launched. Among many other developments worlwide, dozens of US Representatives were briefed on Wednesday alone, including members of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. But this drive must be greatly extended and deepened, with the understanding that it is only Barack Obama’s impeachment at just this moment, which could assuredly stop a countdown towards global thermonuclear war.

Ukraine is only one potential “target of opportunity” for a thermonuclear World War III. Another is Iraq, especially if an estimated 25,000 US civilians remain there, mostly in the greater Baghdad area, rather then being immediately evacuated as Lyndon LaRouche has stipulated. Reports from Kurdish intelligence, carried by McClatchy News Service, say that the ISIS-Ba’ath insurgents are flanking Baghdad from the South, where they have captured two villages and come as close as six miles to the city. From the mass hostage crisis which this threatens, to World War III, would only be a short hop.

But the reason for the immediate threat of thermonuclear war is neither Ukraine, nor Russia, nor anything in Southwest Asia. It is that the opening of the “bail-in” phase of the financial collapse, tolls the knell of the coming abrupt implosion of the worldwide British empire financial system. One marker is the evolving paradox of Argentina, where the US Supreme Court and Justice Scalia declared that national sovereignty and what was once sovereign debt are annulled, bailed-in, in favor of the most parasitical speculators. But the Financial Times, the IMF, and even the New York Council on Foreign Relations, and their magazine, Foreign Affairs, have been forced to defend Argentina from Scalia, because they see that they are staring straight at the end of their system, right before their very noses!

But also, Russia defends Argentina. Pope Francis defends Argentina. Russia, China, and the BRICS group are coalescing with Argentina. The alternative to the rotten trans-Atlantic system is coming up into view.

At the same moment, the German newspaper “Die Welt” has just exposed an IMF document of June 22, which frankly proposes to rescue the big banks of Europe at the expense of pension and life insurance funds, which will be “bailed-in,” and devoured.

When this whole picture was reported to Lyndon LaRouche on Wednesday, he said the result will be that “the empire faction will accelerate the drive for war.”

What Lyndon LaRouche defined on Tuesday evening in discussion with associates was the unique flanking attack which could prevent that war. We have a window of opportunity which will not last forever, Helga Zepp-LaRouche said, and there may not be another. Don’t let it pass, but escalate to victory. This is the battle of our lives.

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