“History Is Closing In On Obama”

Interviewed live on the Voice of Russia June 26, on the occasion of House Speaker John Boehner’s announcement of his intent to sue President Obama for failing to follow his oath of office, American statesman Lyndon LaRouche gave a straightforward assessment. Obama is “on the edge of being thrown out,” LaRouche said. If he is not thrown out, LaRouche said, “I can guarantee you, virtually guarantee you, that we’re headed for thermonuclear war.”
‘Transcript of Voice of Russia interview.’
However, “particularly after the past two days, we can say that the likelihood is, that Obama will be thrown out of office,” LaRouche concluded.

Indeed, the momentum against Obama brings to mind LaRouche’s May 9 document “History is Closing In on Obama.” And we in the LaRouche movement, with our collaborators, are shaping that history, to the effect of preparing the nation to do what is “not an option, but an immediate necessity”—the four laws to save the United States.

The spearhead of the immediate push for impeachment is LaRouche’s June 24 statement, “Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Revelations Mean Obama Must be Impeached Immediately.” This statement was featured in a banner rally in Washington, D.C. June 26, and has begun to be picked up in other publications such as the people’s voice. It is being circulated broadly in policy layers, as well as Congress.

Meanwhile, other processes are coming to a head and converging. First, the unanimous Supreme Court decision yesterday on Obama’s having exceeded his Constitutional authority on recess appointments—an act which confirms LaRouche’s judgment, made after the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Obama on this issue in January 2012, that “the lid is off,” and that a real fight against his unconstitutional assertion of power was on.

Second is the announcement by Boehner that he will submit a bill to Congress permitting a lawsuit against Obama for failing to carry out his oath of office. While Boehner insisted this action has “nothing to do with impeachment,” the reality is that the motion toward removing the President is precisely what is driving his move, no matter what he thinks.

Third is the escalating institutional motion, in Congress and the intelligence community, against Obama’s British-instigated moves toward launching a new war, particularly in Iraq. Notable is the aggressive activity of Senator Tim Kaine, but also the members of the intelligence community and Congress who are now coming forward to reveal that the Administration had refused to act on reports presented to it and Congress more than a year ago on the danger represented by ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

This resistance to attempted tyranny by British puppet Obama is supplemented by the global resistance he is facing—not only on the war front, but also the economy. This resistance is not tit-for-tat opposition, but strategic flanking actions that redraw the terms of the battle, in preparation for a lasting victory. Exemplary has been the approach of Russian President Putin, with his own Eurasian pivot, and diplomacy around Ukraine.

Now we are beginning to see a similar approach on the global economic front. Faced with the bankruptcy of their system, Wall Street, in particular, decided to “foreclose on Argentina,” in a stunning bail-in action that would set a precedent for eliminating national sovereignty globally. But Argentina—with its own tradition and the potential for linking up with the Eurasian bloc firmly in mind—has flanked Wall Street but good, refusing to follow the U.S. court decisions in favor of the vulture funds, and to assert its sovereign right to restructure its debt.

See EIR’s Will Argentina Be First To Bolt from Bankrupt System?

Commenting on Argentina’s action, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized that the court decisions against that nation were “Wall Street decisions.” But, given how Argentina has handled the confrontation, by going to the international community and defining the issue around sovereignty, he added, “Argentina has the support, and Wall Street has the problem.”

Wall Street has a problem with more than Argentina. As the recent figures issued by the BIS on the rate of growth of derivatives show (currently 19% rate of increase year-on-year!), the New York banking system is bankrupt. We should call for declaring it bankrupt, Lyndon LaRouche said, and move full-steam- ahead with Glass-Steagall and his full Four New Laws to save the U.S.A., immediately.

We don’t have a moment to spare.

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