Is Colombian President Santos Preparing Asylum for War Criminal Tony Blair?

First thing after his election for a second term on June 15 in a hard-fought race, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced that he has convoked a conference for July 1 in Cartagena, Colombia, to promote war criminal Tony Blair, against whom impeachment proceedings are now underway in the British parliament and which could send Blair to prison for his war crimes.

Santos announced the conference in his first post-election press conference on June 16. Since then, the greater the outpouring of hatred against Blair in his own United Kingdom, the more Santos seems to promote Blair and the conference.

With the trans-Atlantic system crumbling, along comes Blair’s second leading protege in the Americas (after Barack Obama), touting how he intends, through this conference, to “relaunch” the British “Third Way” model concocted by Anthony Giddens and Tony Blair. The conference invitation itself specifies that it is nothing but revised Thatcherism that “does not seek to overturn the globalization of the markets.”

Blair is the chief invitee to this “Third Way Conversation: The Path to Economic and Social Prosperity.” He is to participate in an “exchange of opinions” with former Presidents Fernando Henrique Cardoso (Brazil) and Ricardo Lagos (Chile), both in George Soros’s stable of former presidents for drug legalization; former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez, currently busy coordinating with the Spanish monarchy how to arrange a Socialist Party unity government with the ruling rightwing Popular Party, in order to secure Troika genocide in Spain; and former President Bill Clinton.

That first panel is then to be followed by a second, promoting Santos’s intended rehabilitation of the Colombian FARC cocaine cartel, with its included drug legalization, which is shamelessly packaged as a “peace” policy.

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