Calling Argentina a ‘Key Partner,’ Putin Confirms July Visit to Buenos Aires

In a ceremony Friday in the Kremlin to accept diplomatic credentials from fourteen foreign ambassadors, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Argentine ambassador that his country is one of Russia’s “key partners,” and said he looked forward to visiting Buenos Aires in July to meet with President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, following the BRICS summit in Brazil.

The Russian leader’s trip will occur at a time when Argentina is under violent attack by the London and Wall Street-directed vulture funds, and their allies in the U.S. judiciary, who seek Argentina’s destruction for refusing to capitulate to their nation-wrecking demands.

See LPAC’s page: “A Case Study In Sovereignty: Argentina & the Bankruptcy of the Financier Oilgarchy”

In his brief remarks on Friday, Putin said that in his meeting with President Fernandez, he would “discuss the full range of current bilateral and international issues, and outline mutually advantageous joint projects in the energy sector, including nuclear energy, heavy machinery, and technical-military cooperation.”

Sources at Argentina’s Moscow embassy told EFE that the two Presidents had spoken to set up the meeting, and will shortly announce the exact date. The president of the State Duma, Serguei Narishkin, stated on June 25 that Putin’s trip to Argentina “will give considerable impetus to cooperation between the two countries in all areas,” RIA Novosti reported Friday.

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