G77 Nations + China Back Up Argentina

The following is an excerpt from the June 27, 2014 Live Friday Webcast with Matthew Ogden, Dennis Small and Creighton Jones. The full webcast can be viewed here.

OGDEN: “Now, Mr. LaRouche also stressed this morning, when we spoke with him, that if you look at the global alliance of nations that are now lining up in solidarity with Argentina, which includes, Russia, China, India, Brazil, as well as the entire G77 group of nations, that this is enough to break this entire thing open against the British Empire. He said, if you look at all the nations that are now coming together to resist the British Empire on this issue, and ask yourself, what portion of the world’s total population that coalition of forces represents, then it is clear to see what the real implications of this battle really are.

G77 countries.

“So, let me show you a map of these countries. This map shows the G77, in green, which actually consists of, now, 133 member-nations, comprising, as you can see, almost the entirety of the Southern Hemisphere, this group largely overlaps, in terms of membership with the so-called Non-Aligned Movement countries. And then, in blue, you can see, Russia, which alone comprises 11.5% of the total land-area of the planet. The G77 countries represent a total of 5.6 billion people, or 78% of the entire world population. And if you add in Russia, it’s 80% of the entire population of the world.

“So, these are the nations which have declared solidarity with Argentina, in its war against Wall Street and the City of London. This Wednesday, June 25, at the conclusion of a meeting of the G77 in New York City, the 133 member-nations voted unanimously, to give the G77’s (quote) “unanimous support” to Argentina in its battle against the vulture funds. The current President of the G77, the Bolivian UN Ambassador Sacha Sergio Llorenti Soliz, proclaimed, “Argentina’s cause is the cause of the G77.” And then after a speech that was delivered by the Argentine Economics Minister, in which he described how foreign banks have used usurious debts to loot and extort and bankrupt Argentina for over 150 years, going back to the million-pound loan from the British Empire’s Barings Bank in 1824, he received a standing ovation from the entire G77, with one ambassador after another coming forward to voice their whole-hearted support for the cause of Argentina. The ambassador from India declared that the vulture fund ruling is “disastrous not only for Argentina, but for the entire developing world and the international financial system.” The Brazilian ambassador denounced the ruling as “irresponsible, speculative, morally questionable, with both social and economic impact on Argentina, as well as a destructive and systemic impact on the international financial architecture.” And the ambassador from Cuba declared that the actions of the vulture funds “are an act of genocide. All sense of ethics, all moral capacity has been lost.”

“So, at the same time the G77 is voicing their solidarity, the Russian’s have expressed their own solidarity with Argentina. We just got word that Vladimir Putin has announced that he will be travelling to Argentina, to meeting with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in July, after the BRICS meeting. He said they will discuss nuclear energy, heavy machine industry, and technical military cooperation, and that Argentina is a “key ally” in Latin America for Russia.

And, this week, a delegation from the Argentine Congress traveled to Moscow to meeting with [Foreign Minister] Sergei Lavrov, who voiced Russia’s firm support for Argentina, in this case as well, reiterating Russia’s support for Argentina’s sovereignty in the Malvinas question, against the British. And then the leader of the Argentine delegation, the President of Argentina’s Chamber of Deputies voiced similar solidarity in support of Russia, including in the case of Ukraine and Crimea. And the head of the delegation, Domínguez, said: The vast support that Argentina is seeing from around the world, that you could see from that map, shows that what is at stake is the power of sovereign states against the power of finance capital.

“And it is absolutely a war to defend the principle of national sovereignty. I think the quote from President of Uruguya, José Mujica says it best. He says, “We have to come up with something to lend Argentina a hand, allowing it to launch a counter-coup, so that confrontation becomes a global one, not just one involving Argentina. Today, they come for you, but tomorrow they’ll come for me.”

“And let me just conclude with a statement that was issued during the press conference after the G77 meeting in New York, in which Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was quoted saying, “Today the vulture funds endanger the international financial system. This is not a matter of North or South, but of a productive economic against a speculative one.” And I think that is highly appropriate, because this is the same point that Mr. LaRouche has been making repeatedly about the trans-Atlantic system versus the trans-Pacific Eurasian system: The former, the trans-Atlantic Wall Street/London system is dying, under the weight of anti-science, anti-human, Green policies, and, as you saw from the chart that Dennis presented just now, hyperinflationary speculation; while the latter, the Eurasian system is growing, due to a high-technology, high-productivity, science-driver orientation. And Mr. LaRouche has stressed that these two systems represent, as Dennis stated, two opposing views of man: A Zeusian or Satanic view of man versus a Promethean view of man.”

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