Glazyev Calls Ukraine Government a ‘Nazi Frankenstein’ in BBC Interview Just Before Ukraine Signing of EU Agreement

In an interview with BBC posted on June 27th, Academician Sergei Glazyev, an advisor to President Vladimir Putin on Eurasian integration, was asked about Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko’s signing of the association agreement with the European Union, which took place on Friday. Glazyev frankly described the Nazi nature of the putsch that overthrew the elected Ukrainian government in February. An audio of the interview is posted on BBC News, June 27, and the following transcription is by LPAC.
Ukraine Signs Economic Part of Association Agreement with the EU
Glazyev: First of all, this is the sovereign right of any nation, to sign an agreement. At the same time, we see that at least half of the Ukrainian population do not want to live in association with Europe. It is illegitimate for Poroshenko to sign it. Second, Poroshenko himself is illegitimate … one quarter of the Ukrainian population do not see him as a legitimate president; they didn’t participate in the elections.

BBC: (paraphrase) But Russia recognizes Poroshenko as the legitimate president.

Glazyev: Why do you think so? There is no official recognition. We speak with him, but we speak with him as a person who is leading a part of Ukraine at the moment, by fact, but not by law. Europe is trying to push Ukraine to sign this agreement by force. They organized a military coup in Ukraine; they helped Nazis to come to power. Now in Ukraine we have the clear Nazi government. This Nazi government is bombing the largest region in Ukraine.

BBC: Are you saying that President Poroshenko is a Nazi?

Glazyev: Of course. He supported Nazis. He was in Maidan. He sponsored the so-called Right Sector and so forth.

BBC: And Prime Minister Yatsenyuk is a Nazi?

Glazyev: Of course. Who is a Nazi? It is not only those who proclaim Nazi slogans. As for Mr. Yatsenyuk and Mr. Poroshenko, their coming into power is closely related to the government coup which happened in Ukraine on the basis of Nazi slogans.

BBC: (paraphrase) After the signing of the association between Ukraine and the European Union, do you see Ukraine leaving the Russian sphere of influence irrevocably?

Glazyev: I think after the signing of the association agreement between Ukraine and European Uion, the European public will be too much surprised when this Nazi Frankenstein, which was born by the Eurobureaucrats and some European politicians, will knock on the European countries’ doors. You see, Europe wants to live in association with a Nazist regime.”

Other British media went ballistic over Glazyev’s remarks, with the Daily Mail calling the calmly delivered comments “ill-tempered” and “an extraordinary outburst”, etc.

See EIR’s “On Eurofascism,” by Russian Academician and Presidential Advisor Sergei Glazyev for further details.

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