Is Your Congressman Bought By the Vulture Funds?

Is your Congressman refusing to co-sponsor the bills to restore the Glass-Steagall Act or initiate impeachment proceedings against President Obama, while supporting every war that Obama launches, sending American youth off to die?

Ask him or her: Were you purchased with the blood money of Paul Singer and the vulture funds? Are you on the dole of the worst speculator scum of the earth who are out to dismember the nation of Argentina, steal its resources and crush its people, because that nation dared put its people before debt? How many Africans have died at the hands of the “vulture funds” which keep you in office, Mr. Congressman? How many Greeks? How many Argentines?

Concretely: The Wall Street billionaire considered the most powerful fundraiser for Congressional Republicans in the country, is Paul Singer, the head of NML Securities, the hedge fund leading the war on Argentina, who got the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that his NML Securities fund has right to seize any and all Argentine assets, inside and outside the country, to collect full-value on a debt bought at pennies on the dollar. Singer is credited as the man who “invented” vulture funds; his Cayman Island-headquartered Elliott Management master-fund pioneered the practice of targeting foreign aid going to poor African nations whose people are dying of starvation, AIDS or just lack of sanitation, as a legitimate income stream from which to make 400%, 500% or more in profits. Hes also a neo-con war-monger.

He’s “the GOP’s go-to guy for Wall Street,” in the words of Mother Jones, which quoted an operative who knows him: “Singer is the big power broker in the Republican financial world.” Singer is “among the most sought-after Republican donors in the country,” wrote the New York Times. Or in the inimitable style of the New York Post: “Hedgie Paul Singer Is GOP Candidates Best Pal.”

Eric Cantor’s downfall was a big loss for Singer, whose Elliott Management was one of Cantor’s biggest funders. (Speaking of losers, Singer has been dubbed one of New Jersey’s Chris Christie’s most passionate wealthy patrons, not to mention one of the biggest winners from Christie’s management of New Jersey’s state pension funds, according to The Nation.)

Singer is not averse to using Democrats, when needed, either. Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman pointed out in a Nov. 14, 2012 article, that Singer “appointed” Democrats to lead his anti-Argentine hit-squad, the so-called American Task Force Argentina (ATFA), and leading Democratic Party-associated “gay rights” groupings welcome his largesse as well.

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