LaRouche: ‘It’s Wall Street or Mankind, Your Choice’: Global Speculative Bubble About to Break the $2 Quadrillion Barrier

After a period of relative stagnation from 2008 to 2012, the British Empire’s global speculative bubble took off like a rocket in early 2013, and is currently hyper-inflating at a rate of over 20% per year. This translates into total global financial assets reaching somewhere in the range of $1.90 – $1.95 quadrillion as of June 2014, on a trajectory of breaking the $2 quadrillion barrier imminently. Nearly 90% of those global assets are financial derivates — that is, totally speculative assets with no backing whatsoever in real production.

“This is a hyperinflationary blowout underway,” Lyndon LaRouche commented yesterday. “These claims are fraudulent. This all comes from the British Empire’s policy, and our Constitution provides no security for speculation.” LaRouche added that, in its defense of these fraudulent assets, “Wall Street is perpetrating genocide. Their speculation is unlawful, and they should be wiped out: We don’t need them. Alternately, they could be hung by their testicles with a piano wire.”

LaRouche then specified: “It’s Wall Street or mankind: your choice.”

World Financial Aggregates (quadrillions of dollars), 1980-2014 · Executive Intelligence Review

The latest statistics published by the Bank for International Settlements report that officially counted derivatives (which are about half the actual total of all open derivatives bets, according to the estimates of LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence Review magazine) had contracted by 2.3% in the year from Dec. 2011 to Dec. 2012. But in June 2013, the annualized rate of growth jumped to 8.5%; in Dec. 2013 the annual rate leapt to 12.3%; and as of March 2014 (the last data available), were soaring by 19% per year. It is expected that when the figures for June 2014 appear, they will easily exceed 20%.

Such a rising rate of increase of frenzied speculation is characteristic of the final stages of a hyperinflationary blowout, and it is strongly suggestive of why the British Empire has moved with such urgent desperation to simultaneously implement their genocidal bail-in policy of global financial reorganization, while attempting to trigger a thermonuclear warfare showdown with the rising economies of the Asia-Pacific region, in particular Russia and China.

Total global financial assets grew “only” from $1.370 to $1.465 quadrillion in the five years from 2008 to 2012. But in the most recent 18 months they have soared to an estimated $1.963 quadrillion.

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