‘What Did the President Know, And When Did He Know It?’

Exactly forty-one years ago, on June 28, 1973, the late Senator Howard Baker (R-Tenn.), who died last Thursday, June 26, asked the above question of witness John Dean, whom President Richard Nixon had just fired as White House Counsel. Baker was then Vice-Chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee, under its Democratic Chairman, Sam Ervin (D-N.C.). When Baker had first been appointed to the committee, he had believed that the Watergate investigation was a political partisan ploy by the Democrats against President Nixon and the Republican Party. But his famous question of June 28 stemmed from an ongoing internal change in Senator Baker, in which he came to understand, that given the seriousness of the offences with which a President of his own party had been credibly charged,—that the truth and the Constitution were the only guidelines he could follow in the investigation. From then on, Baker’s patient and astute questioning was followed by millions on television, so that, through them, his courage and dedication inspired other Republicans as well.

Even before Nixon’s White House “smoking gun” tapes were made public by the Supreme Court on August 5, 1974, the House Judiciary Committee had passed three detailed Articles of Impeachment, with a minority of Republicans voting with the Democratic majority. They were titled: Obstruction of Justice; Abuse of Power; and Contempt of Congress. Then, after August 5, an Establishment committee of leading Republicans visited Nixon to tell him to resign, lest the full House vote impeachment,— after which the Senate would likely vote to convict. On Friday, August 9, 1974, Richard Milhous Nixon became the first U.S. President to resign from the office.

Fast forward by forty years to 2014. The facts as stated by Ed Klein in his recent book, Blood Feud, and as confirmed by EIR, document that President Obama knowingly lied to the American people when, on September 11, 2012, he instructed Hillary Clinton to say that the Benghazi attack of that day had been a spontaneous reaction to an internet video, rather than the al-Qaeda terrorist attack he knew it to be.

With this in view, statesman Lyndon LaRouche has added to Senator Baker’s question, the following: “When did Obama first know that he was a liar?”

The crime of lying to the American people about Benghazi was closely linked to Obama’s impeachable crime of illegally starting a war against Libya without the consent of Congress, to his illegal murder of Muammar Qaddafi, and to his subsequent illegal undeclared wars in Syria, and then, via subversion, in Ukraine. Now he has illegally begun a third Iraq war. Couple these with his illegal extrajudicial executions of Americans via drone-killings, and his illegal spying on Americans through the NSA. Then go back to the unconstitutional so-called “Accountable Care Act,” or “Obamacare,” which marked off the aged and poor as “lives not worth living,” in exactly the manner of Hitler’s T-4 program of 1939. Compared to these, Nixon’s crimes were only childish pranks.

Now where are the Democrats whose dedication matches that of the late Howard Baker (born 1925)? Are they all mere midgets or worse compared to that older generation?

Hillary Clinton worked on the staff of the Senate Watergate Committee in 1974. Klein’s book includes the following quotation on her comparison of Nixon to Obama.

“When her friends asked Hillary to tell them what she thought—really thought—about the president she had served for four draining years, she lit into Obama with a passion that surprised them all.

“Obama has turned into a joke,’ she said sharply. ‘The IRS targeting the Tea Party, the Justice Department’s seizure of AP phone records and James Rosen’s emails—all these scandals. Obama’s allowed his hatred for his enemies to screw him the way Nixon did. During the time I worked on the Watergate case, I got into Nixon’s head and understood why he was so paranoid and angry with his enemies. Bill and I learned from that and didn’t allow ourselves to go crazy bashing people who had anti-Clinton dementia, destroying ourselves in the process.”

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