Obama is a tool of the British Empire, He Must Go Now

Lyndon LaRouche stated today that the foremost national and international strategic priority is to constitutionally remove Barack Obama from the Presidency of the United States.

“This explicit, shameless backing of ISIS in Iraq and throughout the region demands Obama’s immediate impeachment. ISIS is the detonator for thermonuclear war,” LaRouche stated.

Developments on the ground in Iraq, and the insane plans issuing from the Obama administration of what they intend to do next—including working even more closely with the same Saudi Kingdom co-responsible for the 9/11 attacks in 2001 and again in 2012—prove that LaRouche is totally right.

The Obama administration yesterday also came out in explicit support of the vulture funds that are trying to rip Argentina to shreds. Deputy NSC Advisor Ben Rhodes issued a statement instructing Argentina to “meet its obligations,” and to reach an agreement with the vultures, even though this means it has to “take difficult steps”—i.e., destroy its country and people to bail-in the speculators. Up until now, the Obama administration had played coy and not officially stated its position, letting the Supreme Court take the point instead. Yesterday, Obama dropped the mask to support these Satanists as well as the ISIS ones.

LaRouche commented that what the British Empire is trying to impose on Argentina is “a swindle beyond belief,” but that they are not in a position to back it up: they are bluffing. The surge of support for Argentina in South America, from the G77, from the Vatican, and among the BRICS nations—led by Asia-Pacific powers Russia and China—has the potential to blow up entirely in the face of the empire.

Today, July 3, the Organization of American States meets in Washington, D.C., to take up the Argentina case. On July 12, Russian President Putin travels to Argentina for a summit with President Cristina Fernandez. On July 15, the BRICS meet in Brazil, with Fernandez and nearly all the other South American heads of state traveling to Brazil to meet with the BRICS. And on July 19, Chinese President Xi Jinping travels to Argentina for a summit meeting with Fernandez.

So, July is the perfect time for the United States to resume its rightful role in leading the global war against the British Empire, by ousting its puppet Obama from the White House. Let’s really celebrate July 4: Tell your Congressman to declare independence from Obama this week.

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