Destroy the British Empire By the Most Efficient Means Available: Impeach Obama

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, there is no more appropriate celebration than to impeach Obama before he blows up the world. In discussions over the past 48 hours, LaRouche has repeatedly emphasized that the number one global priority is Obama’s removal from office now. LaRouche also focused on the Federal Court’s overreach against Argentina on behalf of the vulture funds, the Obama collusion with the Saudis and the Brits in creating a Hell on Earth in the Middle East through years of support for the ISIS barbarians, and Obama’s pushing for global showdown against Russia, now reflected in Ukraine President Poroshenko’s refusal to reinstate the ceasefire and negotiate a deal with the insurgents in the east of the country.

On all of these fronts, there have been significant developments in the past 24 hours. First, new reports from the Pentagon and elsewhere confirm that President Obama is already in violation of Article I, Section VIII of the Federal Constitution and the War Powers Resolution in Iraq. A press conference by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey on Thursday afternoon confirmed that there are already close to 1,000 US combat forces on the ground in Iraq, with armed Predator drones already flying over Iraq for the past week. Dempsey and Hagel confirmed that the US may launch bombing strikes against Iraq, and Gen. Dempsey even emphasized that the US is looking for alternatives to the options chosen in 2003 and 2006—a reference to the original US invasion and the 2006 “surge.”

So, add this to the long and growing list of impeachable crimes by Obama. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Cal.) wrote to Obama on Wednesday, demanding that he come to Congress before taking any military action, and emphasizing that there is only a diplomatic way out of the Iraq crisis. Her letter was co-signed by 69 other Members of the House—including seven Republicans.

Obama called Saudi King Abdullah on Wednesday to talk to him about the Iraq crisis and to seek his assistance in cajoling the Sunni tribes to break their alliance with ISIS. Fat chance! Obama is colluding with the same people who were behind the 9/11 crimes, crimes that he persists in covering up by refusing the declassify the 28 pages. The same day that Obama made his call to the King, Abdullah reinstated the hated and discredited Prince Bandar bin-Sultan to his position as Royal advisor, the very man who personally helped bankroll the 9/11 attacks.

We have the LaRouche statement on the Hillary Clinton smoking gun revelation about Obama’s 10 PM call on the night of the Benghazi attacks, demanding a fraudulent lying coverup. We have the Prof. Francis Boyle LaRouche Show interview, spelling out a path to immediate impeachment. We must turn this country upside down to get this SOB out of office immediately—before he blows up the world.

We have preliminary reports from the OAS foreign ministers’ session in Washington, that began 3 PM on Thursday afternoon to take up support for Argentina against the other Predators: the vulture funds out to loot Argentina of $140 billion. So far, there have been powerful statements by the Argentine, Brazilian, and Venezuelan foreign ministers and the Argentine economics minister. Venezuela directly cited the Drago Doctrine of 1902 as one reason Venezuela will never abandon Argentina. The Venezuelan minister called for the establishment of a new global financial system—or else the fate of Argentina will be the fate of every developing nation. The Brazilian foreign minister’s staunch defense of Argentina carried serious weight, given Brazil’s economic and political clout and the country’s hosting of the mid-July BRICS meeting, where the theme of a new, global financial architecture is certain to come up.

Obama’s provocations against Russia are so flagrant that the U.S. is not even participating in the efforts to cool out the Ukraine crisis. After the Wednesday night Berlin meeting of Russian, Ukrainian, French, and German foreign ministers, there was a conference call Thursday morning with Putin, Merkel, and Hollande, to discuss pressing all parties to resume the ceasefire and sit down to serious negotiations. When Poroshenko spoke by phone with Joe Biden later on Thursday, he reiterated his three demands for resuming the ceasefire. Obama has thrown more oil on the fire by nominating John F. Tefft to be the new US Ambassador to Russia. Tefft formerly served in Georgia as ambassador there at the time of the Georgia-Russia war (he solidly backed Saakashvili) and then went to Kiev as US Ambassador to Ukraine until he was replaced by the current Ambassador Geoffrey Payat last year. This is an open provocation by Obama, freely acknowledged by US officials.

This whole drive for uncontrolled war is coming from the British from the top of the Monarchy, for the simple reason that the British system of global oligarchical finance is coming to a screeching halt soon. We have a gigantic spike in derivatives speculation (according to the BIS, an annualized growth rate of 19 percent for the first quarter of 2014), a drying up of credit to the real economy, and the makings of a new mega-financial blowout at any moment. Is it any wonder that the British are going for war—either a big bang thermonuclear war of extinction or a global Hundred Years War of each against all that can wipe out the capacity of mankind to survive?

Everything hangs on our shoulders in a very real sense. We are the driver for Obama’s impeachment, and we have been for the past five years. There are many impulses among Congressmen to dump Obama, but a driver is needed, and that is us. With laser focus, we can shake up Congress in the next few days while they are still back in their districts, attending July 4th picnics, and preparing for a three-week surge of House and Senate sessions before the August campaign recess. We have scattered reports indicating a flurry of district meetings and some town hall interventions. We need a burst of activity over the next 72 hours to put Congress in the proper mood to move to dump Obama. If you start with the question of why Obama must be impeached, the issue of how to do it becomes clear. The Founding Fathers gave Congress the weapon of impeachment to avoid having to make a revolution every generation. That weapon is sacred under our Constitution and it has been allowed to lay dormant too long. Bush and Cheney should have been ousted for their lying us into the Iraq War and for their complicity in 9/11, just as LaRouche warned in January 2001. Obama has committed so many impeachable crimes that is it a scandal that he remains in office. It is our patriotic duty to honor those who fought for the realization of the Declaration of Independence. Shaft the British Empire by the most efficient means available: oust British agent Obama and reinstate an American presidency.

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