The Irish who signed the the Declaration of Independence

Excerpts from a piece by at Irish Central.  Happy Independence Day!

\"TheThe Declaration of Independence is a physically beautiful document and when I was a kid I had an image of it on my wall. There were Irish names, including “McKean” on that original parchment, and that gave me the story I needed to feel at home here like a native. My love of country, the United States, and of my heritage (Irish) converge in that document because I acknowledge the Irish who risked their lives to sign it.

Among the citizens who signed what could have been a death warrant, were at least eight Irish Americans, three born in Ireland.

Many of them were Scotch Irish who hated monarchy, and whose spirit of independence is at the heart of the Republics they would crucially help found in America and Ireland. Their brand of Irish defiance saw right through British imperialism, and used Republican ideals to create an alternative society for free people.

The first newspaper outside America to publish the first text was the Belfast News Letter in its edition of August 23-27, 1776.

Read more at Irish Central

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