Is Londonistan Now the HQ of the Brotherhood?

Brotherhood’s British operation was on.

Almost six months later, the Saudi news daily, Asharq al-Awsat, published from London, pointed out today, citing Abrar El-Sayed, the Brotherhood’s London-based media relations officer, that the Brotherhood has not at all been affected by the UK probe. El-Sayed, beside denying that the organization has established a headquarters in London, said: “The Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in the UK have not been affected by the investigation. The Brotherhood has no headquarters outside of Egypt. In London, the Brotherhood has a press office that remains to operate from London. The press office has not been affected by the investigation and has not reduced its activities.”

Tony Blair To Advise Egypt President Sisi on Economic Reform

More trouble is coming to Egypt, now that former British Prime Minister and Queen favorite Tony Blair, has agreed to advise Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, as part of a program funded by the United Arab Emirates that will supposedly bring in “business opportunities,” according to the Guardian. Blair will advise on “economic reform” in collaboration with a U.A.E.-financed task force managed by the consultancy Strategy&, formerly Booz & Co., renamed when it completed its merger with PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Amid accusations that this is another opportunity for Blair to line his pockets, his spokeswoman told the Guardian that Blair will make no “personal gain whatsoever.” He would make no money out of Egypt and neither would any of his organizations. “He is giving advice, he will have meetings, that’s all,” she said, adding that he “is not a formal adviser,” and stressing “We are not looking at any business opportunities in Egypt.”

A former political associate said a bargain had been struck. “Tony Blair has become Sisi’s éminence grise and is working on the economic plan that the U.A.E. is paying for. For him, it combines both an existential battle against Islamism and mouth-watering business opportunities in return for the kind of persuasive advocacy he provided George Bush over Iraq. It’s a very lucrative business model, but he shouldn’t be doing it. He’s putting himself in hock to a regime that imprisons journalists. He’s digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself and everyone associated with him.”

Former Blair press secretary Alastair Campbell, who resigned in 2003 over Blair’s “dodgy dossier” on Iraq’s alleged WMDs, is also advising the Sisi government on its public image and being paid for it; his services are also being financed by the Gulf-funded program.

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