Sane Israelis and Palestinians Fear Total Chaos

Both Israeli and Palestinian leaders are terrified that the situation inside Israel, the West Bank and Gaza is about to break out of all control into total chaos. One leading advisor to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) chief of staff candidly expressed his fear that, despite a desire to de-escalate the crisis triggered by the killing of three Israeli youths near Hebron and the revenge killing of a Palestinian youth in East Jerusalem days later, the situation will nonetheless escalate out of control, leading to a full-scale Israeli assault on Gaza and the West Bank, far beyond the already-ongoing targeted bombing campaign. The Israeli source expressed fear that the fanatics on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides cannot be constrained in time to avoid the escalation to a large-scale conflict—despite the fact that a majority of Israeli leaders and citizens do not want an escalation.

A senior Hamas official, speaking with a trusted colleague, expressed the identical concern, admitting that it appeared that the killing of the three settler youth was done by a newly established ISIS front in the Palestinian territories. In recent past instances of random violence, Egyptian Military Intelligence has been able to serve as a bridge between Hamas and the Israeli military to work out a ceasefire and avoid the out-of-control escalation now feared. But the spreading regional violence and chaos has impacted severely on the situation in the Israel-Palestine area and previously effective channels for de-escalation have broken down.

The fear is that the entire region is going through a total descent into chaos and barbarism, and that a new Israel-Palestine war or the eruption of a Third Intifada would further spread the crisis. There is also growing fear that Jordan is now highly vulnerable to the kind of neo-Salafist violence that has rocked Iraq.

Of course, this kind of disintegration is precisely what the British have been promoting as part of their radical Malthusian agenda of population reduction, chaos and the breakup of the nation-state system.

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