Will ISIS Help Get Erdogan Elected as Turkish President?

The question being raised in Turkey is whether the terrorist ISIS will help get Obama’s good buddy, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, elected as President in next month’s election. If voted in, in the country’s first general elections for President, Erdogan wants to change the Constitution to turn the government into a Presidential system, which many feel will soon turn Turkey into a de facto dictatorship.

Despite denials from Erdogan’s government, most observers know that Ankara has been supporting ISIS and other extremist groups in Syria and Iraq as part of the Anglo-Saudi-led “Sunni Alliance.” For instance, it is a documented fact that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was selling oil to Turkey from the Syrian oil fields they captured and had even been building pipelines to carry it. Trucks carrying weapons to Syria’s al-Qaeda linked “rebels,” were stopped by Turkish gendarmes en route to Syria, only to find the trucks and their contents were protected by the Turkish intelligence agency MIT, which is run out of Erdogan’s government office.

Last month’s terrorist capture of over 80 Turks, including 32 truck drivers and the Turkish Consul to Mosul, Iraq, and 48 other consul officials and their dependents, has actually served Erdogan’s interests by providing him cover to not stop supplying the terrorists on the excuse that the government was negotiating the hostages’ release. Last week the 32 truck drivers were released within days of Erdogan announcing his Presidential ambitions. Government sources were cited in the press that the others could be released on July 27, which is within two weeks of the elections.

Parliament deputies for the Turkish opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) openly questioned whether the government paid a ransom to the terrorists to free the 32 hostage truck drivers. More damning, is that the CHP deputies asked whether the hostage-taking in fact stemmed from a “business dispute” between the Erdogan’s government and ISIS. The claims are that some of the truckers were bringing supplies for ISIS.

CHP Deputy Gürsel Tekin asked if the government had made a deal with the group, also known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) to secure the release of the truckers and whether any payment had been made to the group to that effect. Tekin said that a statement from one of the drivers, who claimed that they were held by ISIL because of unpaid debts, raised questions of whether the government and ISIL were involved in a business arrangement involving the transfer of goods to ISIL from Turkey via trucks. “What does the company owning the trucks owe to ISIS?” asked Tekin.

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