Invasion of Gaza Being Discussed by Netanyahu Government

Israeli attacks on Palestinians in Gaza, where Hamas has run the government since 2007 after the party won the Palestinian national elections and split with PLO leaders, continued, killing 47 Palestinians, including over a dozen women and children. According to a U.S. television news report on Wednesday, one of the Gaza locations hit was a medical office, and several apartment buildings that were chosen for “targetted killings” (the Israeli term for taking out a terrorist) were leveled to rubble before the residents were able to evacuate.

Rocket attacks from Gaza have continued for the third day as well, reaching to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, reported numerous Israeli news sources, and Israeli political and military leaders say that there will be a ground invasion soon if the rocket attacks continue. On July 9, the Israeli cabinet approved PM Netanyahu’s request to call up 40,000 reservists as part of the ground-offensive preparations.

Speaking to CNN, former Israeli President and Prime Minister Shimon Peres said that a ground offensive on Gaza “may happen quite soon,” but added that, “If [the rocket attacks] will stop, for example tonight, there won’t be any ground entrance — but if they will continue, sooner or later this will be the response.”

On Thursday, a UN SEcurity Council meeting will take place on the Israel-Palestine crisis.

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