Russia Responds to War Threat

Russia continues to move on numerous fronts against what it has recognized as global warfare being waged against it by the United States under the control of the British Empire.

On July 7, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov in an interview with RIA Novosti, elaborated on a statement made previously by Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov that Russia would not sit back and see Iraq be dismembered. He said: “We advocate the preservation of the territorial unity and independence of Iraq, Syria and other countries in the region…At the same time we call on countries in the region and the global community to consolidate efforts and opportunities to effectively counter terrorism, particularly ISIS.” He called on the West, Turkey, the Gulf States and other regional powers to “unite in our common goal to help the Iraqis, and Syria as well, to defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

And in Ukraine, Russia continues to denounce the Kiev regime for war crimes it is committing against its own population in the southeastern regions. “We continue to record the most serious humanitarian crimes, war crimes that take place as there’s an armed conflict in Ukraine… Killing civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure is classified as war crimes in accordance with international law. … What’s happening in the southeast of Ukraine is a further exacerbation of a humanitarian catastrophe, crisis,” the Foreign Ministry’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law Konstantin Dolgov said at a hearing in Russia’s Civic Chamber, yesterday. The Foreign Ministry has already published two volumes of a “white book” record of human rights violations and is considering publishing more.

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