Demagogue Obama Boasts of Executive Orders in Texas; Dem Congressmen Attack Obama Refusal To Visit Border Crisis

In the last 60 hours, economic breakdown-generated events and Obama’s “bizarre” behavior have coalesced to bring the possibility of impeachment to the fore. Demands for impeachment, by LaRouche, and others; the mooted Boehner suit against Obama, and Obama’s disregard of a huge immigration crisis of children on the Texas border, added to Obama’s egomaniacal “Let it rip” persona, have now put impeachment front and center.

Obama, on a two-day fundraising tour of Colorado and Texas as the financial system collapses, took the occasion of a speech in Austin, yesterday, to go into flight forward about the growing talk of his impeachment in the U.S. His theme was to celebrate the six- month anniversary of his declaration that he would rule by “executive order” as much as possible.

Politico reports Obama having told the audience that there was talk of impeaching him: “You hear some of them: ‘Sue him! Impeach him!’ Obama said in a relaxed, sniping campaign-style speech… recounting the resistance he’s run into for signing 40+ executive orders. ‘Really? For what, doing my job?'”

Politico reports that Obama was “so punchy, that he was leaning arms hanging off the front of his podium, telling a few hecklers to ‘sit down,’ and instructing the Secret Service not to bother removing them” explaining “‘I don’t have to run for office anymore, so I can just let it rip.'”

Obama attacked Republicans for criticizing his inaction on the border immigration crisis, but refusing to pass the near $4 billion he demanded. “‘The best thing you can say about’ the House GOP is that so far, ‘they haven’t shut down the government… but it’s only July.'” Then he launched into an extended mocking of them for the lawsuit House Speaker Boehner is threatening to bring against him for using executive action.

In Colorado yesterday, The Hill reports, “Obama mocked GOP lawmakers who were ‘mad at me for going ahead and doing things. I don’t know which things they find most offensive: whether it’s creating jobs, or easing student loan burdens, or raising wages, but it’s really bothering them… They have a plan to sue me for taking executive actions that are within my authority, while they do nothing.'”

Some Democratic Congressmen have attacked Obama. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC, “He’ll be 500 miles from Dallas and, in fact, he’ll be 242 miles from Austin at the other fundrasing [event] he’ll be having. So, he’s so close to the border. And let me say this. When I saw—and I hate to use the word ‘bizarre,’ but under the circumstances—when he is shown playing pool in Colorado, drinking a beer, and he can’t even go 242 miles to the Texas border?'” Politico reported. Cuellar, whose district sits on the Texas-Mexico border, now flooded with unaccompanied minor children from Central America, has accused Obama of being “one step behind” on the border crisis, and said he hoped that Obama’s refusal to visit would not become his “Katrina moment”—a reference to George Bush’s refusal to interrupt his vacation in Texas to visit nearby New Orleans devastated by that hurricane.

Cuellar also called into question Obama’s reported “meeting with local leaders.” “When he talks about meeting with local leaders, last night I got some calls, saying, ‘Who are those local leaders?’ They’re certainly not the local leaders from the border,” Cuellar said. reported, “As Obama fundraises in Texas today, the message from Democratic members of the delegation is if he’s not going to the border now, he needs to go very, very soon.” It reports that “while some Democratic congressmen did not want to criticize the president on the record, privately several Democrats told BuzzFeed that Obama not making a trip was ‘confusing,’ ‘baffling,’ and ‘a little offensive.’ ‘I really don’t know what he’s thinking,’ one Democrat said, ‘He should just go.’ Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) said the border “deserved a presidential visit.”

Rep. Filemon Vela (D-TX), who toured the border facilities last week and participated in a field hearing, said: ‘It’s more about seeing the kids and what they are experiencing than the facilities themselves. We’ve all experienced difficult things in life: either a family member or friend dying or having a serious illness. I’ve experienced those those things as well, and aside from those things, I have not in my life seen anything worse… It’s the human element, that not just the President, but anyone who is going to be involved in making policy with respect to this crisis… should see.'”

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