A Week To Set the Course of History for Years To Come

Historians may very well look back on this coming week as an historic turning point. Russian President Vladimir Putin has already arrived in the Western Hemisphere en route to Brazil and the July 15-16 BRICS summit. He visited Cuba, Nicaragua and is now in Argentina, where he met with Cristina Fernández Saturday, and identified Argentina as a key ally of Russia in Ibero-America. In a previously unannounced stop-over in Nicaragua, President Putin discussed the planned second canal, which is an important component of the Global Land-Bridge.

Here in the United States, the impeachment momentum against President Obama is growing. On Friday afternoon, Representatives Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), Walter Jones (R-N.C.) and Barbara Lee (D-Cal.) introduced House Concurrent Resolution 105, mandating the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq within 30 days. Under a provision of the War Powers Resolution, the House must debate and vote on the resolution within 15 calendar days. In other words, with President Obama plunging ahead with military operations in Iraq without going to Congress, the stage has been set for a direct showdown on the latest of Obama’s long string of impeachable crimes.

The more Boehner touts his “alternative to impeachment” via a lawsuit against Obama’s unconstitutional actions, the more the subject of impeachment grabs headlines and builds the groundswell of support for Obama’s removal. This coming week, the House Rules Committee will be holding a hearing on whether to authorize the Boehner suit. This has turned into a debate on the underlying issues of Obama’s unconstitutional actions. The Republicans will be calling two constitutional lawyers, including Jonathan Turley, to testify and the Democrats are also putting up two lawyers to argue the opposite position.

It is our unique responsibility to catalyze the existing anti-Obama ferment into a clear drive for immediate impeachment. Lyndon LaRouche eloquently linked the Obama impeachment to the urgent need to revive America’s historic role as a leading nation promoting cooperation among perfectly sovereign nation-states. As Dennis Small emphasized on the Friday webcast, LaRouche has made the point that we must remove Obama from office because we must restore America’s rightful place as a beacon of liberty promoting relations among nations that serve the common aspirations of mankind. That is the history of the American Revolution and our Constitution, of Hamiltonian credit and the American System in stark contrast to the British Empire.

As it becomes more and more clear that we have reached a boundary condition where the current Anglo-Dutch financial system of oligarchical empire cannot survive any longer, the revival of America’s role in the world is absolutely crucial to the survival of mankind. So long as Obama remains in office, the threat of thermonuclear Armageddon looms large. The British Empire is showing its ugly, Satanic nature wherever you look. Tony Blair has been running around the Middle East promoting the worst genocide since Hitler. He was in Israel several days ago meeting with Netanyahu, and the Israeli Prime Minister has made clear that he intends to carry out a program of mass killing of innocent civilians in Gaza. After meeting with Blair, Netanyahu made absolutely clear that he has no interest in any kind of negotiated ceasefire. 40,000 Israeli reservists are being called up in clear preparation for a ground invasion of Gaza. Palestinian human rights groups have written to the President of Switzerland, who sits on the Fourth Geneva Convention administrative board, demanding action. The Fourth Geneva Convention obliges occupying powers to secure the general welfare of the occupied populations, and Israel is in clear, genocidal violation of that Convention. Yet no action has been taken to bring Israel to justice for those atrocities. Friday, Israeli bombs targeted the only rehabilitation hospital in Gaza, and it was not accidental. The hospital was called in advance by Israeli officials and ordered to evacuate because the bombing was about to begin.

In Iraq, the level of barbarism by ISIS is a clear reminder that the British Crown policy is a return to a dark age and radical population reduction. The ISIS agenda of ending all nation-states in the entire Islamic world to establish a new caliphate is a mirror of Tony Blair’s April 1999 Chicago speech announcing the post-Westphalian new world order.

Between the Chinese launching of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, the BRICS Development Bank and the accelerating drive for Glass-Steagall in the United States, reflected in the 600,000 signatures recently delivered to the U.S. Senate demanding the immediate passage of the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act of Elizabeth Warren et al., the seeds of a just new world economic order are within our grasp.

The system that is on its death bed is the system that Lyndon LaRouche identified back in August 1971, when the Bretton Woods System was dismantled and was replaced by a global British system of usury and speculation. That British system is doomed. Back in 1975, LaRouche launched the International Development Bank to replace the IMF and World Bank that had been turned into two instruments of British post-Bretton Woods looting of the world in what LaRouche at the time called a genocide 100 times worse than Hitler. It is all coming together now and this is our moment to win!

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