An historic anti-imperial alliance – Irishman ‘Almirante’ Brown is an Argentinian hero

Admiral William Brown who was born in Foxford, County Mayo on the west coast of Ireland in 1778, is a hero of Argentinian independence and founder of the Argentine Republic’s Navy.

The “Almirante”, as he is known, has thousands of streets, schools, sports pitches named after him in Argentina because, as Foxford’s only Argentine resident, Rafaela Calabrese, explains: “We remember him for defeating the Spanish, and we know that he helped us long before Ireland gained its own independence.”

Indeed Foxford has its own memorials to the “Almirante” in the form of a bronze bust, museum and memorial park, all prominently located in the town center and the local Guiry’s pub is known affectionately as the “Argentinian embassy”.  The late JJ O’Hara, a local businessman, was instrumental in developing the Argentinian connection, and a statue of Brown is also located on Dublin’s Sir John Rogerson’s Quay.

“Brown is to Argentina what Patrick Pearse is to us,” Oliver Murphy of the Admiral Brown Society in Foxford says.

As maritime historian Dr John de Courcy noted in his biography of the Mayoman, Brown ordered his piper to strike up “St Patrick’s Day in the Morning” after one dawn attack on Spanish ships on the river Plate in March, 1814.

Were pictures available from the soccer world cup matches between Argentina and England in recent years, where pubs across Ireland were festooned with the blue and white colours of the Argentine Republic, no doubt could exist that this historic alliance against the imperial forces of the British empire thrives to this day.

So rest assured dear Argentine friends that despite our weak and simpering government the nation of Ireland stands with you shoulder to shoulder in the fight against the imperial vulture funds.  And just as Almirante Brown and his compatriot John Barry in the U.S. struck some early blows in this long running battle against the literally satanic British empire, now our time has come to deliver the decisive blow – no dejar titere con cabeza!

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