Argentina’s Partnerships With Russia And China Show It Is Not “Isolated From The World”

In reporting July 12 to the media on the nuclear energy agreements his government had signed with Russia’s Rosatom agency, Argentina’s Planning Minister Julio De Vido addressed the stupid assertion made by the British Empire’s Wall Street and London toadies that Argentina “is isolated from the world”–because it isn’t willing to kill off its own population to please financial predators.

President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Argentina July 12 and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit on July 19 “clearly demonstrate Argentina’s insertion into the world,” De Vido said. “That two such important presidents are visiting here with important agreements to sign, and both interested in Argentina’s nuclear policy and energy development, speaks very clearly to the fact that Argentina is inserted into the world with all its power, and that there is interest and willingness to invest in the nuclear sector.”

In reality, De Vido continued, what lies behind the charge of Argentina’s so-called isolation is the fact that it “has some conflicts with some sectors of the world which seek to limit its self-determination.” And, “as President Putin said, Argentina is a rare species in this world because it makes decisions in a sovereign manner… it chooses with whom it makes agreements, such that its potential is not limited.” It’s worth noting that when Putin observed in his press conference with President Fernandez that Argentina maintains its “sovereign opinion” about international affairs, something “that is quite rare in today’s world,” he provoked some laughter and smiles from his counterpart and the audience, in recognition of the fact that both leaders represent this type of “rarity.”

De Vido pointed to Russia’s eagerness and willingness to invest in, and finance nuclear energy projects in Argentina. “This will be very helpful to the country’s nuclear energy development,” he said. The country’s Atucha II reactor, its third, was built with 88% of Argentine technology, he said, and an anticipated fourth reactor will continue this trend of using “developed Argentine technology.” Then, “there is a fifth that is being contemplated that will operate with enriched uranium,” different from previous ones that use natural or lightly-enriched uranium and heavy water. This is key, he said, because Argentina now can purchase all the components that go into building the reactor, without Rosatom, Russia’s atomic energy agency, being the contractor, but rather acting “as our partner in the construction.”

The Planning Minister announced that President Fernandez plans to visit the Pilcaniyeu enrichment plant in Rio Negro very soon, as it “is beginning already the process of uranium enrichment and bringing Argentina by giant steps into the world of powerful nuclear reactors.”

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