MH 17 Updates

Russian Defense Ministry Asks Again

Russian Deputy Minister of Defense Anatoli Antonov responded Thursday to the briefing given to select press by anonymous U.S. intelligence officers the day before, regarding the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 on July 17. Five days ago, Antonov had posed 10 questions regarding the crash, which remain unanswered.

In an interview with Rossiya-24 state TV, Antonov said that “the arguments and documentation, as well as the sources and the degree of their reliability, presented by the [U.S. intelligence] speakers, failed to answer any of the questions we had posed. What’s more, they begged a large number of other questions.” Antonov zeroed in on the U.S. assertion that an SA-11 “Buk” missile was definitely fired against MH17 “from separatist-held territory.” He said, “It was stated that U.S. technical surveillance data and satellite imagery confirm the launch of a missile from insurgent-held territory. Our question is: where are these data? Why have they not been presented to the public? Are they being further worked up, so to speak?” The unnamed U.S. officials had termed the involvement of the Ukrainian military in a missile launch “implausible” because all such capabilities were out of range, leading Antonov to ask: “Are the American representatives prepared to vouch for the truth of that statement? Do they know where all the missile batteries in Ukraine are deployed? What are their comments on the objective data provided by Russia? Or, perhaps they have nothing to say?”

Antonov said that Russian territory has been shelled from Ukraine nine times in the recent period. After his interview, unconfirmed media reports appeared, that two Russian paratroopers had been killed in a Russian town 80 km north of Rostov-on-Don, by shelling from within Ukraine. Kiev and Washington, meanwhile, accuse Russia of directly firing into Ukraine. Kiev officials have said that yesterday’s downing of two Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 fighters was done by missiles fired from Russian territory. At today’s State Department briefing, deputy spokesperson Marie Harf claimed to “have evidence that Russia is firing artillery from within Russia to attack Ukrainian military positions,” but she refused to reveal what that evidence was.

Russian Evidence on MH17 Is “Conclusive”, Says Swiss Military Source

A strategist and former Swiss general staff source told EIR Thursday that the satellite images presented by Lt. General Andrey Kartopov in Moscow on July 22 are “meaningful in the last detail.” Sure, there is propaganda on both sides, he said, but “the documents are conclusive.” Usually the truth is in the middle, but this time it is “nowhere in the vicinity of Mr. Poroshenko,” the source said.

The Americans are “hiding evidence”, he said, and the British are clearly pushing war propaganda similar to the situation precedent to the Iraq war. The British government has the black box (flight recorder) in its hands now, and will make sure that no elements useful to establish the truth will be released. They cannot manipulate it, because as soon as they came out with false evidence, the Russians would demand to see it. So, they will simply withhold evidence.

The source said he is amazed by the level of disinformation and war propaganda going on in the West, including the “sober” Swiss media, who hide precious information from the population.

The aim of the war propaganda is to “provoke the Russians,” he said, but in his view, the Russians are smart and will not fall into provocations. They have a two-year timetable, in order to be prepared with the Chinese to fight a war against the USA, the source said.

General Kujat: A UN Blue Helmet Troop Deployment to Guarantee a Ukraine Ceasefire

The immense pressure on Germany to support the NATO confrontation with Russia has brought retired four-star General Harald Kujat, former Chief of Staff of the German Armed Forces (Generalinspekteur 2000-2002), to bring into discussion a proposal where the German Bundeswehr might lead the commando structure and also provide troops for a UN Security Council (UNSC) Blue Helmet deployment into Ukraine.

This came up at the end of an otherwise acrimonious Anne Will Talk Show July 23 on Germany’s main ARD TV channel, on the shooting down of Flight MH17 and Putin, where General Kujat was joined by Russian Embassy representative Oleg Krasnezki, Ukraine Embassy head Vasyl Khymynets, Karl Georg Wellmann of the CDU, and a German journalist. General Kujat said Germany has the command structure for such a mission, which could also include the U.K. and France. Neither the U.S. nor Russia would participate.

The head of the Ukraine Berlin Mission was clearly caught off guard by the proposal, stating, “I am not ready to talk about that,” but then made clear his fear that it would cheat them of victory and lead to a “frozen conflict.” The Russian representative said “if the conditions of a ceasefire were there,” they would review a proposal at the UN Security Council. CDU Bundestag member Wellmann had spent the previous minutes of the broadcast trying to discredit General Kujat for his repeated assertion that nobody was proposing an actual “Political Roadmap” on how to sit down with Russia to settle the crisis.

General Kujat had stated that there would only be proclamations and more sanctions, “nothing positive”. “We need a ceasefire that somebody from outside has to supervise,” which the OSCE can’t do; thus a UN Mission of Blue Helmet troops, under Article 7. Wellmann clearly would see such a mission merely to control the border to Russia to isolate the rebels, but General Kujat’s clear intent was to maintain a ceasefire agreement and all that could mean for a political settlement, taking the strategic conflict triggered by the Ukraine crisis off the agenda, with the U.S. and Russia agreeing jointly at the UNSC for the deployment.

Gen. Kujat also stated earlier in the debate there is no evidence of a “functioning chain of command” from Putin to the rebels.

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