Obama’s Crony John Brennan Partnered the NSA with Saudi Torturers

Reporter Glenn Greenwald just published an article based on a hitherto-unreleased NSA memo provided by Ed Snowden, which shows that in 2011 and 2012, the NSA entered into a closer partnership with the torturers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of the Interior. Greenwald writes, “according to the memo, the NSA began collaborating with the MOD [Ministry of Defense] in 2011 on a ‘sensitive access initiative… focused on internal security and terrorist activity on the Arabian Peninsula;’ that partnership was conducted ‘under the auspices of the CIA’s relationship with the MOI’s Mabahith (General Directorate for Investigations, equivalent to the FBI).’ The NSA’s formal ‘Third Party’ relationship with the Saudis involves arming the MOI with highly advanced surveillance technology.”

Although the document refers to the authority of perjured Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Clapper was and is nothing but a puppet of John Brennan, then a special advisor to Obama and now CIA Director. Brennan’s intimacy with Saudi Intelligence has been such that he has raised suspicion that he may be a Saudi asset.

Various sources insist that the overwhelming passage of H Con Res 105 on July 25, was closely related to the growing demand in and around Congress for the public release of the suppressed 28-page chapter of the report of the Joint Congressional Commission on 9-11, which pointed to Saudi complicity in or authorship of 9-11. It is no coincidence that New York’s Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel signed on to HCR 428, urging the President to release those 28 pages, on July 24, just one day earlier.

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