Lead — It’s High Time to Dump Obama and Bring the United States into a New World System Unleashing the Productive Powers of Mankind

The breakthrough at the BRICS summit in Fortaleza, Brazil, followed by last Friday’s long-overdue bipartisan Congressional repudiation of the successive Bush-Cheney and Obama tyrannies means that it is now in our hands to create a new international monetary system based on a standard of production to provide mankind with all of the necessary means of survival and prosperity.

While the immediate task for the coming days is to make sure that the Congress follows through on its bold Friday action and finishes the job by impeaching President Obama and reinstating Glass Steagall—before any recess, this merely sets the stage to move into a course of radical change away from the British Empire system of monetarism and murderous looting.

Lyndon LaRouche today called for the convening of an international conference to take up the questions: What is productivity, what is manufacturing, what is human creativity?
And what are the essential requirements for mankind’s survival? He emphasized that clearly the first step is to reinstate Glass Steagall. Next, there must be a serious international dialogue to determine a set of universal standards for measuring real value, taking into account the urgent needs of every part of the world.

The key principle is energy flux density. Based on that principle, participants in the conference must come up with the answers to how to provide for mankind’s needs in energy, in water management, in food production, by unleashing the productive powers of labor. This cannot, LaRouche emphasized, be a mere assortment or list of items. What does mankind need to sustain man’s progress in this solar system? This is a high-level challenge that can be approached by first considering the current outstanding initiatives and accomplishments of leading nations. What, for example, is China doing in the field of lunar colonization? What are India and China doing with respect to achieving a breakthrough on thermonuclear fusion? We do not, LaRouche emphasized, yet have the answers to these vital questions. This is why it is essential to convene a working gathering of leading representatives of leading nations to forge a new system based on different principles of productivity.

The back-to-back breakthroughs represented by the BRICS summit and the Friday Congressional revolt against the total collapse of the Obama Presidency opens the door to a true community of principle among perfectly sovereign nation-states, as envisioned by John Quincy Adams. By bringing a post-Obama United States fully into the process launched with the BRICS summit and the creation of the New Development Bank, we can destroy the power of the British Empire and the system of oligarchy that has crippled mankind for centuries. This unique moment of opportunity cannot be missed.

It is clear that the British are fully aware of the consequences of the collapse of the Obama presidency, the Congressional actions and the BRICS process. They have launched a pathetic campaign of vilification against Russian President Vladimir Putin in the hopes of breaking up the new emerging collaboration among the leading nations of Eurasia and South America. This targeting of Putin, seen in the recent published attacks in Der Spiegel and TIME, is totally incompetent and will fail.

By completing the process of removing Obama from office through Constitutional means and reinstating Glass Steagall, the United States can once again assume its historical place among the leading sovereign nations of this planet as we undertake the challenge of forging a new, just system based on true scientific principles.

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