Argentina Slams Obama Administration on Vulture Fight; Says Sovereignty Is the Only Relevant Issue

After having been declared in “selective default” on July 30, after no agreement was reached with the Queen’s vulture funds, the Argentine government has made very clear it will not—and did not—capitulate on the fundamental issue of sovereignty and national dignity, and laid blame right where it belongs, on the doorstep of the White House, for the failure of negotiations.

In his press conference Thursday morning, Chief of Staff Jorge Capitanich slammed the U.S. government directly for its lack of “rationality,” and biased court officers, accurately characterizing Judge Thomas Griesa and special master Daniel Pollack as “agents of the vulture funds.”

In developing his arguments, Capitanich made very clear why Obama should be immediately impeached.

“The United States is responsible for not acting appropriately,” Capitanich said. “Don’t come to us with the excuse that the judiciary is independent.” What the United States is independent of “is rationality. It is independent of decisions that are compatible with the functioning of the international financial system, but it is not independent of the vulture funds.”

The U.S. judicial system has shown “bad praxis,” Capitanich charged. “We’ve seen the marked incompetence” of [special master] Pollack, who failed to “create the conditions for reasonable negotiations…he didn’t understand the process, or respect Argentina’s condition as a sovereign nation.”

Griesa’s failure to reinstate the stay on his ruling, was deliberate, the chief of staff charged, for the sole purpose of diminishing the “government’s decision-making possibilities. But, make no mistake,” he warned. “The government will meet its responsibilities… Let there be no doubt that… Judge Griesa is not an independent judge; he is an agent of the vulture funds. Pollack is an agent of the vulture funds. So, what justice system are you talking about? What independent judiciary are you talking about? We are talking about the responsibility of a State, that is, the United States, to create the conditions of respect for the unrestricted sovereignty of nations. This is Argentina’s position — a rational position. …Argentina will stand up for its rights before the international community,” especially because it has overwhelming international support.

Capitanich also addressed the insanity of the global situation, both in strategic and financial terms. “The international community cannot endorse the actions of minuscule groups which aim to undermine the process of a sovereign country’s voluntary restructuring,” he said. “But, what can we expect from a world leadership which is not even capable of intervening in wars, where people are killed? They don’t even care—it doesn’t matter to them that the sovereignty of nations is undermined. They don’t care that people get killed, and they won’t do what they’re supposed to do in dealing with these tiny groups” (of vultures).

“This situation can’t go on indefinitely,” he warned. “It is not possible for the world to coexist with these types of minuscule agents who distort the functioning of the international financial system, relations among nations, the exercise of sovereignty and, above all, the will of nations.”

Argentina’s position is totally firm and clear, he stated. “The defense of the Argentine position is the defense of our sovereignty, the defense of our resources, the defense of our children’s daily bread….[International leaders] haven’t hesitated to provoke wars, to intervene in nations for the sole purpose of appropriating resources…”

“We are going to continue what we’re doing,” he said, “in a complex world.”

Capitanich outlined several options Argentina is considering, including taking its case to the International Court at The Hague, or initiating a debate at the United Nations. He also mentioned the need to “convene an international conference” to deal with regulatory issues that would prevent vulture funds from running amok.

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