London’s Daily Mail Plays Up Demands by Congress to Release the 28 Pages on 9/11

Rep. Thomas Massie, the first-term Republican from Kentucky, is featured in the July 31 Daily Mail of London after again demanding the release of the 28 classified pages of the 2003 Congressional investigation of the 9/11/2001 attacks.

The bold-faced headline and kicker says:

‘There will be anger, frustration and embarrassment, but that’s no reason to keep the truth from America’: Congressman calls for release of redacted 9/11 papers

• Rep Thomas Massie joins call for government to declassify pages of report
• He said the material made him ‘try to rearrange my understanding of history’
• Congressmen Walter Jones and Stephen Lynch introduced House Resolution last year calling upon Obama administration to release pages

Massie, whose interview on the 28 pages posted on YouTube has had over 80,000 views, also appeared on July 29th on Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck Program. At a press conference in early July, Massie emphasized the importance of releasing the 28 pages, the Daily Mail reported. At the press conference Massie said, “I had to stop every couple of pages and just sort of absorb and try to rearrange my understanding of history for the past 13 years and the years leading up to that…. It challenges you to rethink everything and so I think the whole country needs to go through that…. It’s going to be difficult and it could be embarrassing, but that is no reason to keep the truth from the American people.'”

See the full press conference here.

The 28 pages will expose the role of Saudi Arabia in supporting, financing, and protecting the Al Qaeda networks and hijackers involved in the 9/11 attacks. Former Sen. Bob Graham (D-Florida), who chaired the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Joint House/Senate Committee when the report was written, has repeatedly called for the 28 pages to be released as only the beginning of the investigation into the global terrorist networks. Graham, who has provided affidavits for the lawsuits brought by the families of the 9/11 victims against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its role in supporting the 9/11 attacks, sent a video message to Reps. Jones and Lynch when they introduced the resolution to declassify the 28 pages.

At least a dozen members of Congress have reportedly read the 28 pages after a Dear Colleague letter from Republican Walter Jones (North Carolina) and Democrat Stephen Lynch (Massachusetts) urged members of the House to do so. But the congressmen are not allowed to disclose the contents of the 28 pages, and therefore prohibited from naming the country identified in the report.

As long as Obama, like Bush before him, continues to protect the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by refusing to release the 28 pages (as he had promised the families in 2008 that he would do), the Anglo-Saudi networks that brought us Al Qaeda, and today brought us the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS — formerly Al Qaeda in Iraq), will continue their dark age terrorist offensive.

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