China’s Lunar Program Is Our Standard

Lyndon LaRouche said on Friday that we must use as our standard, the Chinese lunar program. Any responsible economy is going to be doing what China is doing. This is advancing the productive powers of labor; this is the standard to which everything else must be compared. What’s happening in western Europe and the United States is not relevant. Just consider the fakery in the trans-Atlantic system, such as Angela Merkel and the idiotic cheap value of productivity that she is promoting. No sane American would want to imitate that. The problem is that the British want to play these games, and people get influenced by the British.
Phase 3 of China’s Lunar Program: Return Samples from the Moon

Inaugurating Phase 3 of China’s lunar exploration program, future probe Chang’e-5, scheduled for launch in 2017, is tasked with bringing lunar samples back to Earth. Phase 1 was to orbit the Moon, and Phase 2, to land. Both have been carried out successfully.

The sample-return mission faces four major technical challenges, chief designer, Wu Weiren, outlined, in a talk last week. It will require using a new launch site, a new rocket, and a new lunar spacecraft, all of which China has under development. The biggest operational challenges, he said, are sampling the surface, taking off from the Moon, the lunar orbit rendezvous with the Earth-return craft, and high-speed re-entry in to the Earth’s atmosphere. It will also require dealing with the technical problems that the Chang’e-3 rover, Yutu, had earlier this year.

Collecting samples of lunar soil, Wu explained, will entail risk, as the drill could hit rocks under the surface. The plan, according to a China State Administration of Science and Technology and Industry spokesman, is to pick up some samples from the surface, and then drill to a depth of 2 meters (more than 6 feet) for subsurface samples. The samples will then have to be encapsulated in a small return module.

After lift-off from the lunar surface, the capsule housing the samples will have to rendezvous and dock with an orbiting craft, described as a “relay” approach, that will carry it back to Earth. Taking off from the Moon, Wu said, will involve repeated automatic adjustments to the position and stability of the capsule, so the two craft can link up in lunar orbit. When a spacecraft returns from deep space, it approaches the Earth at a higher speed than from low Earth orbit. The returning Chang’e-5 spacecraft will, therefore, have to be designed to withstand higher temperatures. Wu pointed out that other countries have lost communications with their spacecraft upon reentry. The landing on Earth will require precision navigation and maneuvering. The lunar landing spot has not yet been decided, but scientists would like an area with regions such as recent lava flows or fresh craters from recent asteroid impacts.

There does not appear to be a decision as of yet as to the mission for the next lunar spacecraft. Earlier, it was proposed to be a replay of the current mission, but having accomplished a flawless landing and deployment of the Chang’e-3 rover, it is more likely there will be significant up-grades to Chang’e-4.

China is the example, and their lunar program, with its incorporated Helium-3 component, is the “star” for everything else on this planet. Compare this as a leading example, versus the Angela Merkel idea of an economic system which is based on no productivity, which is completely incompetent.

Putin has also been doing some very successful things, LaRouche added, despite what is being done against him.

But you have to take these selected examples of productivity and use them as a standard. The United States has had no real productivity for a very long time. We have no productive employment, and the kind of crap that’s being promoted by the Republicans, especially House Speaker John Boehner, is complete idiocy. He would qualify to be called a “Boehner-fide idiot.” We have to say that. He is a Boehner-fide idiot.

The only thing that actually works is productivity, which is increasing the productive powers of labor. Use the China lunar program, with its Helium-3 component, as your leading example. Oppose this to the intrinsic incompetence of Angela Merkel. What’s happening is that people are being starved. There’s no employment. Everything has been stolen from them, while at the same time you have these crackpots who want to steal from Argentina. Call them that: call them “the crackpots who want to steal from Argentina.” Their standard of value for the product involved, is fraudulent. What’s the physical value of this product? How do you measure its value?

Take the example of what we want, LaRouche said, and contrast it against the crap. The best example, the most advanced, is what China has been doing in its lunar program.

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