The Empire Resorts to Old Tricks to Hold on to Power: Now is the Time to Bring the U.S. Fully into the BRICS

The British Empire forces, facing a complete disintegration of their system and the emergence, via the BRICS, of a new, more just world economic order, are resorting to old tricks that brought the world to global war twice in the last century. Since the 19th Century, the key to all of the British Empire’s “divide and conquer” geopolitical Great Games has been to pit Germany against Russia to keep the heartland of Eurasia hopelessly divided and at war. Now, that strategy threatens the extinction of mankind in a thermonuclear holocaust. Despite that, David Cameron and the NATO Deputy Commander Gen. Sir Adrian Bradshaw, who spent the last week in Washington, are pushing ahead with direct confrontation with Russia. Bradshaw openly pushed the idea that there is a “new paradigm” demanding concentrated NATO training and preparation for confrontation with Russia.

Even as this war drive goes forward, there are sane voices pushing back. The Malaysian government has come out, via the Minister of Transportation, declaring that it is the Ukrainian government that bears responsibility for the shootdown of MH17, since it was Ukrainian air-traffic controllers who failed to warn the pilot of the dangers. The Minister was dismissive of the “rush to judgment” that the pro-Russian rebels were responsible for the crash. Indeed, prominent American investigative journalist Robert Parry, who broke open the Iran-Contra scandal decades ago, published a dossier, based on discussions with US intelligence officials, reporting that there is a reassessment underway indicating that it was Ukrainian forces, and not the pro-Russian rebels, who executed the MH17 shoot-down. The Parry report is based on studies of US satellite and other reconnaissance data showing no evidence that the rebels had Buk anti-aircraft systems that would have been required to shoot down the aircraft flying at 33,000 feet.

For its part the Russian Foreign Ministry continues to hit hard at the NATO provocations, declaring that if there were no Ukraine crisis, NATO would have invented one in order to justify NATO’s continued existence. As a senior Swiss military figure warned in discussions with EIR several weeks ago, both Russia and China are well aware that there are preparations for war coming from Western capitals and they are quietly preparing for the worst.

The answer to this existential threat to the survival of mankind lies in winning the fight here in the United States. If we get Obama removed from office by Constitutional means, and reinstate Glass Steagall, the United States can immediately align with the BRICS and create a new global dynamic free from the horrors of Empire. For more than 20 years, Lyndon LaRouche has been promoting the idea that the key to the future lies in scientific cooperation between the United States, Russia, China, and India. Such an alliance is sufficient to bring about the end of the British Empire—permanently. Nothing short of that can alter the thrust towards war.

As Lyn has been emphasizing in recent days, the gold standard for the future can be found in China’s science-driver program, involving advanced work on thermonuclear fusion, the building of a new generation of deep space rockets and especially the plans for the industrialization of the Moon to mine Helium-3, which holds the key to the future of mankind. This is not some new concept for the Chinese. When Deng Xiaoping first consolidated power at the end of the Cultural Revolution with the death of Mao and the arrests of the Gang of Four, he vowed to devote his leadership to building up a world-class Chinese scientific cadre. He declared, back in 1979, that if China could produce a generation of physicists, chemists, nuclear engineers, etc., within 20-30 years, China would emerge as a leading nation of the world. He set out to get Chinese students into the best universities in the world, knowing that the Cultural Revolution had destroyed higher education in China and it would take a generation to revive it. It was that commitment to the future that has produced the current generation of leaders and scientists with a clear mission orientation for the next 50 years and beyond.

All of these ideas had their roots in the American Revolution and the American System of Alexander Hamilton, Henry Carey and the builders of the Trans-continental Railroad and the other great projects that were embraced in the late 19th Century around the world—in the Bismark revolution in Germany, in the Meiji Restoration in Japan, and in the Chinese republican movement of Sun Yatsen. It would be a travesty and a tragedy if the United States were to fail to align with the majority of people of this planet who are seeking a vibrant future.

This means Obama has to go now! The revolt against what Obama has done to this country is gaining momentum. On Tuesday, a dozen retired flag officers issued an open letter to Obama and held a conference call press conference demanding that Obama release the unredacted declassified report on the CIA torture program. At a rally last weekend in front of the White House with an estimated 10,000 protesters against Obama’s support for Netanyahu’s genocide in Gaza, professor Cornel West declared that “Barack Obama is a war criminal.” West not only denounced Obama’s support for Israel in its genocide in Gaza. He cited the drone killings and other crimes of Obama.

Time is clearly of the essence. The Portugese government on Tuesday stepped in to bail out Banco Espirito Santo with 4.9 billion euro. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard noted that the Europeans had blinked and not gone with the bail-in, for fear that it would trigger a crash of the banking system. The bailout will fail, because nobody is going to buy up the assets of the bankrupt BES. France’s giant Credit Agricole took a 98-percent loss in earnings for the first quarter of this year based on a 100- percent write-off of its stake in BES. This is just the beginning of what could be a rapid and thorough unraveling of the trans-Atlantic banking system. German regulators are escalating their probe of Deutsche Bank, over its role in the LIBOR rigging and its London-based derivatives. The whole system is at a break point, and this is the prime driver for war.

Pulling the plug on Obama pulls the plug on the entire British Empire system and ends the danger of war for all practical purposes. That is our driving mission in the days ahead.

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