Blood Drenched Farce Plays in London

NATO’s September 4 summit in Wales is a key inflection point in the drive to war (although war could break out well before September 4). Prime Minister David Cameron has sent a letter to all NATO governments outlining his demands. Similar demands were featured in a July 31 report of the Defense Select Committee of the House of Commons, which said that a “complacent” NATO is not prepared for the threat of a Russian attack on one of its members. It said that the Baltic countries are “particularly vulnerable,” thanks to “substantial Russian minorities and the influence of Russian media.” There must be pre-positioning of military equipment in the Baltic countries, “a continuous presence of NATO troops for training in the region, and large-scale military exercises including representatives from all 28 NATO member states.”

This in tiny countries at St. Petersburg’s doorstep, on yet another highly-sensitive Russian border.

In weasel words, the report forecasts Ukraine-like “color revolutions” to be launched by London in the Baltic countries: “The instability in Russia, President Putin’s world-view, and the failure of the West to respond actively in Ukraine, means that we now have to address urgently the possibility, however small, of Russia repeating such tactics elsewhere. In particular, the NATO member states in the Baltics are vulnerable.”

On August 5, outgoing NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen wrote yet another war-whoop article, this one in the Financial Times of London. He said that the NATO summit must obey the call from the House of Commons committee, and added that, “Meanwhile, seven [NATO] allies, led by the UK, are developing a joint expeditionary force.” What is this, an SS Division for the Baltics?

Lyndon LaRouche responded that the British Empire is determined to launch war. “This is an intention to launch war, and they’re guilty. They’re out to stage war, and therefore, if they start war, they will die in war.”

Newsweek asks whether the Russia sanctions may precipitate another financial crash, while the New York Times reports one of the Queen’s dirty little surprises: as many as 27,000 Russian tourists were stranded overseas recently, after four large travel agencies went bankrupt. This was because “a ban was informally imposed in April, blocking anyone working in law enforcement — about four million Russians — from vacationing abroad.”

LaRouche responded, “The sanctions don’t mean anything presently, because all they mean is an intention to go to war. And therefore, the intention is to go to war.”

But, indicatively, Izvestia reports on the Russian space agency Roscosmos’s work with the Chinese defense-industrial complex to replace American electronics used in Russia’s space and defense programs. One Russian source said, “Establishing large-scale cooperation with Chinese manufacturers could become the first step toward forming a technology alliance involving BRICS member states.”

Speaking of London’s whole war drive, LaRouche said, “The whole thing is a farce; it’s a total farce. What is going to happen? If the British try to start a war, launch a war, against Russia, what’s going to happen? The British Isles are going to be demolished! That’s the answer we give to this thing. This is all a bluff. What’s happening is the attempt to screw everything up by making everything unintelligible.

“Just say: the British Monarchy, the British Empire, has declared its commitment to have a war against Russia. But if the British Empire actually launches war against Russia, Russia is going to smash the shit out of them!

“The whole game, the whole bluff, is to force the UNITED STATES to war against Russia. The only way to prevent that, is to get Obama out of there. Put the whole thing back into Bill Clinton’s hands. Bill is actually still playing that game. We just have to get better on this case.

“And if they don’t get rid of Obama, they may have to get rid of the Queen. This whole thing is nonsense.

“I know what Russia is doing. Russia is prepared to fight a thermonuclear war. They’re in a prewar mode now. They’re not going to provoke the war, but they’re not going to put up with it either.

“Everything is set up. What is Russia involved in? Russia is involved in China. Russia is involved in India. What are you talking about? There must be a way we can tease the hell out of someone on this one. Actually get hard facts: what are the magnitudes which are reported of what Russia has done under Putin, in preparation for general thermonuclear war?”

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