LaRouche: President Barack Obama is the Greatest Threat to the Security of the U.S.

On Thursday night, President Barack Obama announced that he was authorizing the use of airstrikes in Iraq to prevent genocide and to defend U.S. interests in the Iraqi cities of Irbel and Baghdad and elsewhere. The President did not ask Congress to authorize these actions, but merely informed unnamed Congressional officials. The President acted in this manner despite the recent passage by a margin of 370 to 40 of H CON R 105, which specified that the President would have to get Congressional authorization to engage in sustained combat operations in Iraq.

Although Obama claimed that there would be no boots on the ground, there are already approximately 1000 boots on the ground and many more may be in the offing. White House briefers when asked if the President had considered evacuating U.S. forces said no, the U.S. did not plan to move out of Irbel or Baghdad. The briefers also said that Obama is concerned about critical Iraqi infrastructure, which ostensibly does not fall under the definition of defending US personnel or facilities.

The commander of Office of Security Cooperation in Baghdad, LT. Mick Bednarek made it clear that the initiation of these actions, which began with the first dropping of US bombs on Friday, does indeed involve sustained combat operations. He said of ISIS: “This is an army, and it takes an army to defeat an army.”

Lyndon LaRouche responded to Obama’s actions by saying: “Obama is an asshole. He does not have the capability of carrying out the policy he is pursuing. He has really gone beyond his prime. We know what is happening with Russia. They are prepared for a war. This jerk – Obama – is not.”

Also, on Friday, Russia Today reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin assembled an emergency meeting with permanent members of the Russian Security Council. ITAR-TASS quoted presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov: “The situation in eastern Ukraine was discussed in detail with the focus on a humanitarian catastrophe turning disastrous there.” Those at the meeting also discussed issues relating to Russian economic security.

Lyndon LaRouche emphasized that we know what the Russians are discussing. Faced with the intention of the British Empire and its stooge Obama to push Russia and China to the point of thermonuclear war, the Russians are preparing for classical warfare, both military and economic. To the extent that Obama is an instrument of that British Empire intention, he is the greatest threat to the security of the United States and the rest of the world.

In a discussion which took place on Thursday evening, LaRouche emphasized that there is a solution to all this. This existential crisis for mankind can be resolved. All that is required is to remove Obama from office and enact LaRouche’s 4 proposed laws for dealing with the crisis, which will bring the United States into cohesion with the most important development in the world today – the Chinese lunar program to develop the potential of helium-3 deposits on the moon.

LaRouche stressed that either we make this work or the planet won’t make it. The use of helium-3 as the fuel for controlled fusion power will set the standard of fuel under man’s control in the solar system. It will change the destiny of mankind by breaking the power of cheap power, incapable of sustaining human life. Once we have helium-3 fueled fusion we will break free of energy sources with lesser energy flux densities. We will then destroy the poverty of cheap labor based on the use of cheap power. This will set into motion a superior principle of action, coherent with the noötic nature of man and the primacy of the Noösphere.

While Obama and the British Empire are committed to genocide based on war and cheap, labor-intensive (slave) labor based on low energy flux density forms of power, the Chinese are acting in the interest of mankind. That is what human beings do. They make creative discoveries and implement those discoveries to the benefit of all mankind and all nations.

LaRouche stated: Creativity is creativity for others or it is not creativity. Only people who are creative for others are creative.

The mission of the United States and of the world, in association with China, is to consciously and rapidly develop the potential the sun has deposited on the moon for our use in the form of helium-3 and to thus further develop the human species and the universe.

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