The Countdown To War Has Begun

The assessment of a very senior European military security source is that NATO and the U.S. are already on a countdown to a global showdown with Russia. In a discussion with EIR, he agreed fully with LaRouche’s assessment and in fact underlined even more that this is not a “drift” but it is clearly an intention. He gave the following reasons. First, there is clearly no “exit strategy” being discussed at the highest levels in NATO and the EU, implying one is not wanted. He pointed to the outrageous media campaign as part of this. Its purpose is to put anyone who says anything contrary, or moderate on Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia, immediately into a “desk drawer” to be ignored. Another point is why hasn’t the NATO Russian Council met? “Is this only for fair weather only?” he commented. It is now that they should be meeting, he said.

Second. The professional military, security and foreign policy establishments, including the “Old Boys” have been frozen out of any role in formulating policy. Particularly the military have been explicitly told, “it is not your job to think strategically,” you are to simply implement the policy you are told to carry out. This has resulted in the fact that there has been no general discussion of strategic thinking on any of the conflicts, such as Mali or Afghanistan, and especially Russia. This has been going on for at least the last five years and now with conflict with Russian looming, it has become extremely dangerous. Active duty military commanders have been reduced to being mere logistics implementers.

Third. The traditional trans-Atlantic policy dialogues on the working level of the professional military-security-foreign policy establishments has ceased. This includes the usual annual and semi-annual meetings where policy is discussed, but where also personal exchanges with real discussion take place beyond the formalities among ranking officers from both sides of the Atlantic.

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