China and Russia Offer a Winning Alternative: Helium-3

In just the past 48 hours, both China and Russia have advanced their concrete plans for the industrialization of the Moon for the mining of helium-3 and its export back to Earth. Lyndon LaRouche on Monday described these bold initiatives as “impressive and an exact winning alternative to anything being offered by the British and Obama.”

Indeed, the plans presented are dramatic and reflect a clear commitment to fully realize the potential of thermonuclear fusion. The idea of mining helium-3 on the Moon evolved out of the Apollo program of the 1960s and later work at the University of Wisconsin inspired by the 1970s Fusion Energy Foundation promotion of fusion. The enduring and devastating legacy of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is made clear by the fact that the United States has abandoned manned exploration of the stars and has all-but-dropped the efforts at achieving thermonuclear fusion.

Instead, as LaRouche warned over the weekend, the Obama Administration is nothing but bluff and bluster—threatening confrontation and regime change while the U.S. economy sinks into oblivion. LaRouche noted, with irony on Monday, that the British and Obama are “causing their own extinction—they are setting themselves up for extinction” by their bluffing and threats of war. The U.S. and Britain are all bluff, while both Russia and China prepare for actual war at the same time that they are pursuing options that hold out the prospect of realizing mankind’s Extraterrestrial Imperative.

China’s State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry issued a statement Sunday that the next Chang’e-4 mission will be to launch an orbiter that will circle the Moon and then return to Earth. This is a vital step towards establishing the capability for transporting helium-3 from the Moon back to Earth and is preparatory to the 2017 Chang’e-5 mission testing the capacity to gather samples on the Moon, encapsulate them and deliver the capsule to the spacecraft to return the samples to Earth. Simultaneous to the announcement of the revised mission plans, a Chinese science publication, Kejishun (Science and Technology Report) published a brief report on the lunar program headlined “Helium-3 on the Moon Can Provide Mankind’s Energy Needs for the Next 10,000 Years.”

Also over the weekend, Izvestia received and published portions of a leaked copy of the draft new ten year plan from the Russia Federal Space Program covering the period from 2016-2025. The document reported that Roscosmos will be developing the key elements of a Moon base and will begin construction of proto-types of all of the modules in Russia in 2018.

Clearly in the aftermath of the BRICS summit in Brazil last month, the prospects for collaboration between China, Russia and India on the helium-3 project are greatly increased. Both India and China are seeking to broaden the base of collaboration, with a memorandum of understanding being signed over the weekend between China and Saudi Arabia for joint work on nuclear power between the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy and the Chinese National Nuclear Corporation. India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi has politely told his Japanese counterpart Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that he will only go ahead with his planned late-August visit to Tokyo if there is first a civil nuclear power agreement between the two nations.

As China and Russia continue to take the lead in the realization of the helium-3 revolution, Obama continues to press for confrontation and war. American bombers continue to hit Islamic State targets in Iraq with no approval from Congress and no sign that Obama intends to seek Congressional authorization. Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) wrote an op-ed in yesterday’s USA Today newspaper, proclaiming that “Mr. President, when it’s our money, and it’s our blood, then it’s our decision. Who is right on military intervention in Iraq: President Obama or the American people? I say that it’s the people.”

There is no question, as Lyndon LaRouche noted on Monday, that the Islamic State is a vicious genocidal outfit. But Obama’s approach has been a total failure and a clear violation of the Constitution. He must be impeached immediately. Only then can the United States be restored to our historical mission and join with China and Russia in achieving thermonuclear fusion in the immediate years ahead. It is this battle that will determine whether mankind will survive beyond the summer.

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