Stephen Cohen Warns of Nuclear War Danger and Calls for ‘Patriotic Heresy’

Dr. Stephen Cohen has published a scathing attack on the Obama provocations against Russia in the latest issue of The Nation under the headline “The New Cold War and the Necessity of Patriotic Heresy.” Cohen, who is professor emeritus of Russian studies at New York University and at Princeton University, was formerly an advisor to President George H.W. Bush, and remains one of the most respected voices among Russia scholars.

The article, based on the text of a speech he delivered on June 16 at the Hart Senate Office Building at the annual US-Russia Forum, warns that, as the result of the US and NATO support for the illegal overthrow of the Ukraine government in February, the world is facing the gravest crisis since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

“The seemingly unthinkable is becoming imaginable: an actual war between NATO, led by the United States, and post-Soviet Russia.”

Cohen warns that the situation today is more dangerous than the Cold War, because the “epicenter” is not Berlin, but the Russian border in Ukraine.

“An even graver risk is that the new cold war may tempt the use of nuclear weapons in a way the US-Soviet one did not.”

Cohen noted that some Russian strategists have mooted the use of tactical nuclear weapons to offset NATO’s conventional superiority, adding that “The ongoing US-NATO encirclement of Russia with bases, as well as land and sea-based missile defense, only increases this possibility.”

Cohen also assailed “the surreal demonization of Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin—a kind of personal vilification without any real precedent in the past, at least after Stalin’s death.” He called it “an abdication of real analysis and rational policy-making.”

After exposing the “new McCarthyism” that has been effective in isolating and slandering those opposed to the march to the new cold war, Cohen destroyed the five fallacies about the current Ukraine crisis that concealed the European Union and US role in fostering the crisis, in protecting neo-fascist forces that carried out the coup, and in backing the Ukraine government’s ongoing targeting of its own citizens in eastern Ukraine (which he compared to the recent Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip). He called for a mobilization of “patriotic heretics” to change the history away from a potential for war, noting that

“there is no such leadership here in Washington. President Obama has vanished as a statesman in the Ukraine crisis. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks publicly more like a secretary of war than as our top diplomat. The Senate is preparing even more warfare legislation. The establishment media relies uncritically on Kiev’s propaganda and cheerleads for its policies. Unlike the devastation wrought in Gaza, American television rarely, if ever, shows Kiev’s destruction of Luhansk, Donetsk or other Ukrainian cities, thereby arousing no public qualms or questions.”
Iraq War Already On

Obama Is Lying! The War Is Already On; 100 Marines & Special Forces Landed on Mt. Sinjar

There are “more than 100” American pairs of boots on the ground on Iraq’s Mt. Sinjar, where the Yazidi refugees have been stranded, but Obama and his liars insist that these are only advisers, observers and assessors.

Late Wednesday, Aug. 13, the Guardian reported, “More than 100 US marines and special forces landed on Mount Sinjar in Iraq to organize an escape route for 30,000 Yazidi civilians.

“The force flew in on V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft that can land vertically. They joined a small number of American special forces soldiers who have been on the mountain for some days, assessing the military and humanitarian situation and guiding US air strikes against Islamic State (Isis) fighters encircling the mountain.

“A handful of British SAS soldiers are also in the area to gather intelligence a British official said.”

Earlier on Aug. 13, two major US papers, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal reported that the Pentagon was studying a rescue plan, but that Obama had not approved it yet.

Also on Aug. 13, while vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard with Nerobama, Ben Rhodes, the Deputy National Security Adviser, announced to reporters that Obama is considering “the use of American ground troops” to rescue Yazidi refugees in Iraq. Rhodes’s statement came out after Obama last night (Aug. 12) announced that he was sending an additional 130 Marines to Iraq to “assess” the humanitarian mission already underway (that includes the “humanitarian bombing” of the Islamic State forces in northern Iraq). Continuing the lies and hair-splitting, Rhodes “drew a distinction between the use of American forces to help a humanitarian mission and the use of troops in a battle against …. the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,” reported the New York Times.

The White House continues to lie and argue that Obama has not sent U.S. troops into combat and that there are “no boots on the ground”; therefore, he doesn’t need Congressional approval. Obama should remember that that argument doesn’t hold water in the case of Libya, which many Constitutional defenders and members of the military and intelligence community maintain is one of the strongest counts for the impeachment of the president because of the failure to get approval for the military action from Congress as the Constitution requires.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Defense Department is already drafting plans for military rescue missions in Iraq. In an article by Dion Nissenbaum entitled, “U.S. Weighs Iraq Rescue Mission to Save Yazidis Proposal Under Development Could Put Americans in Direct Confrontation With Islamic State Militants,” the Journal reports that “Obama hasn’t approved the mission,” but, according to an unnamed senior U.S. official, “People are looking at ways to do something more than just drop water and supplies … You can only do that for so long.”

There are nearly 1,000 troops in Iraq as of this latest Obama announcement.

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