Ireland and the Building BRICS of the Future

As our readers will be well aware, and other too we hope, unless the Glass-Steagall law of banking separation is reenacted in short order a tsunami of derivatives debt is going to descend with a fury that will sweep away the entire trans-Atlantic financial and economic system.  Whilst the debt may be wholly fictitious in character the effect will be very real and the economic destruction will be immeasurable.  Earnest and prolonged warnings have been ignored thus far and in fact the magnitude and intensity of the threat has been allowed to multiply many fold since the precursory events of 2007/8.

This confirms one very important fact – that the British Empire remains as belligerent as ever and it appears would be satisfied to see such an even unfold in the deluded expectation that they will somehow emerge from the carnage to clamber atop the resultant wreckage maintaining their ascendency to declare themselves still rulers of the world.  In fact their crazy bail-in scheme has the potential to precipitate a virtually instantaneous collapse of the financial system with an effect which Lyndon LaRouche described as “like being in a lift on the 70th floor when the cable is cut”

To extend Mr LaRouche’s “lift” analogy, the British attitude is a bit like someone in that free-falling lift thinking to themselves:  “all these other suckers have bought it but just before impact I’ll jump up in the air and I should be ok…then I can collect their wallets”!  Or something of that order of silliness.

So the problem with the British is not even their belligerence per se but the sheer insanity upon which their entire outlook is based.  It is satanic in fact in its contempt for humanity and not just in aspects but in principle.

An increasing number of leading nations who have long recognized this fact have now acted, under the guidance of Lyndon LaRouche, his wife Helga and others, to fundamentally challenge this satanic view of mankind as merely a host of those voracious parasites.  Those nations, comprising half of the world’s population, have organized themselves both defensively and offensively as the vanguard of an entirely new and just world economic order based on national sovereignty, real economic development and above all a commitment to scientific advancement as a measure of our true human identity as creative beings duty bound to secure a better future for our children and for generations yet to come.

The summit meeting of the five BRICS nations was held in Fortaleza, Brazil and issued the Fortaleza Declaration, which includes the historic announcement that Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa have agreed to form the New Development Bank (NDB) to fund infrastructure and other development projects in BRICS and other developing economies, as well as the BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA), to “help countries forestall short-term liquidity pressures.” The NDB, initially capitalized at $50 billion, will be headquartered in Shanghai, China, and the first rotating president of the bank will be India.

Although the terminology employed in the Fortaleza Declaration is cautious, the fact of the matter is that the NDB is the germ of an entirely new international financial system, centered on development and national sovereignty—a fact which has the British Empire marvelously enraged.

This comes none too soon: the European banking system is sinking rapidly into a new phase of disintegration, as the existing institutions such as the IMF holler louder and louder that they need huge bailouts, bail-ins, and everything in between.

As Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff stated: “The bank represents an alternative for the infrastructure financing needs of developing countries, understanding and compensating for the insufficiency of credit from the principle international financial institutions.”

Argentine Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich was even more direct, expressing great interest in the NDB and slamming the IMF, World Bank, and other existing financial institutions for being “tools of extortion” which destroy the “sovereign development of our nations.”

The Brutish answer to such a challenge has been the inevitable one – a policy of chaos and destruction from Ukraine to Syria to Iraq to Gaza…these are only some of the current hot spots, the list is much longer and includes for example a sustained effort by the sectarian Orange Order to destabilize the hard won peace process here in the North of Ireland.  Pope Francis clearly and succinctly defined the Brutish nihilistic strategy in a recent interview, saying:

“But we are discarding an entire generation to maintain an economic system that can’t hold up anymore, a system that to survive must make war, as the great empires have always done. But as a Third World War can’t be done, they make zonal wars.”

His inclusive “we” hammering home the point that many so called Christians are to their eternal shame fully complicit in supporting and sustaining this thoroughly evil system.

In an interview with Voice of Russia Lyndon LaRouche drew back the curtain on the British a little further to expose what can best be described as a clumsy bunch of idiots trapped in their own stupidity with nowhere to run and just ripe for the waste bin of history –

VOR: “Sir, but in that case, when those big nations, I mean the U.K. and the U.S., when they are cornered, are they prone to extreme steps, like nuclear war?LAROUCHE: No.

VOR: Why not?

LAROUCHE: Because they would be all mutually destroyed.

VOR: Do they care about that?

LAROUCHE: Yes, they do.” [!]

The resistance from all directions to the British chaos policy has thus far been wholehearted and mightly impressive and is rapidly gaining control in the military sphere as well as in the economic and financial.  In Eastern Ukraine the Kiev neo-Nazi junta are reduced to shelling citizens and pushing conscript cannon fodder ahead of their cowardly Hitler supporting Right Sector Banderist brigades into a cauldron of implacable pro-Russian defense.  No victory for them is or ever could be possible and the waste of life for which Obama and his Brit controllers bear full responsibility is shameful.  Similarly in Syria the Syrian Arab Army are now routing the Brutish dark age jihadis of ISIS to such an extent that the latest babbling from the Brits proposes a complete reversal of policy to now ally with President Assad against their Frankenstein ISIS monster – nothing less than a contemptible mockery of human reason.

On the development front, particularly stunning is the case of Egypt, where, in true FDR fashion, the Egyptian Army Corps of Engineers is posting daily updates on the status of the work on the New Suez Canal project. Calls are going out to youth to come and join the project to build the nation. A national mission is underway which can involve and mobilize the whole population.

The Argentine Republic, of whom we are long-time admirers, have defied the British cat’s paw vulture funds in no uncertain terms – “sovereignty will not be ceded, under any circumstances” they have stoutly declared.  A sanctions busting deal with Russia to supply food stuffs was accompanied by the confident assertion that they (Argentina) “can feed 400 million” – a genuine claim as impressive in substance as it is laudable in intention and a new and proper metric for a new and just economic system.

With the UNASUR nations of Latin America and many other nations now queuing up to join the BRICS group, this new economic world order is taking shape at an electrifying pace.  The conceptual framework defined by LaRouche’s four laws is being fleshed out as intended with a torrent of new projects coming on-line throughout the participating nations – agriculture development, nuclear power, high-speed magnetic levitation rail networks, water management, maritime transport infrastructure – all being developed to raise the economic platform within and amongst nations to the great benefit of billions of citizens.  And of course, standing head and shoulders above all this wonderful life-affirming human progress is China’s lunar Helium-3 fusion program.  A program that represents the very pinnacle of human endeavour, a miracle of human creativity and an unsurpassed and unshakeable Promethean commitment to the future.

The next step for fusion and for all the myriad of development projects outlined above will be for an extension of international cooperation in keeping with the defining characteristics of the emerging new system.  Upon the removal of British puppet Obama and the establishment of a sane presidency, the U.S. will readily engage with China on the fusion program as will Russia, India and others to pursue the common aims of mankind as fusion so perfectly embodies.  There is no reason what so ever why Ireland cannot involve itself in this project and other collaborations as well.  Must we remain bound and gagged at the pleasure of our Brutish captors for ever more?  Of course not!  We must shake off the slave mentality and purposefully stride out from under the collapsing hulk that is the British system.  We have good relations with all these nations and in particular we would note that Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein have an excellent relationship with the South African Government.  Why not make this a first port of call on the path to freedom, self-determination and genuine prosperity which the far-sighted BRICS have carved out for us and the rest of humanity?

For Ireland to join such a force is not an option but an absolute imperative.  This is the essence of freedom that we and others have rightly craved for so long but never in truth came close to grasping.  So do not spurn the opportunity, seize it now!

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