Bringing Prometheus Into Play

China’s entirely creative approach to the challenge of mining Helium-3 on the Moon to fuel a fusion-based global economy, has, like Prometheus’s bringing the gift of fire to Man, unleashed a planetary process of scientific and cultural optimism, and opposition to the hated bestiality of the modern day Zeus, the British Empire. Not only has China itself embarked upon a future-driven universal mission that they had never before undertaken; but nation after nation are joining in the fun, in diverse ways. China has set the standard, Lyndon LaRouche stated, by which every nation must now measure up.

Many have.

Egypt has launched a broad development program, including nuclear energy and a New Suez Canal, which not only implies a return to Hamiltonian principles of national credit generation for national industry, but has also immediately started creating productive jobs for a population looted by IMF policies for decades. Just think of the impact on Spain, or Greece, where youth unemployment now tops 60%, when they hear that the Egyptian army has called for all unemployed Egyptians under 45 to sign up for jobs in the New Suez Canal project.

In India, the president of the Indian Business Alliance mocked the EU’s sanctions of Russia, saying they are “insignificant” and have only strengthened that country, and its ties with “old friends” like India. Nuclear is also a central area of cooperation between the two nations.

Bolivia’s Vice-President Alvaro Garcia Linera announced at an Aug. 21 energy conference in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, his country’s proud decision to develop nuclear energy, “the fire of the 20th and 21st centuries,” as the basis for “cementing the conditions for the technological development of Bolivians for the next 400 to 500 years”—certainly a vision for the future. Argentina’s central role in allying with Bolivia in that endeavor was underscored by the remarks of an Argentine speaker at that conference, a leader of Argentina’s high-technology company INVAP, who told Bolivia’s “Reporte Energia” magazine: “Developing technology is a long and difficult road which requires determination and perseverance, since new challenges must constantly be faced… Bringing people closer to science is the biggest challenge. How to accomplish this, is the job of political leadership,” he said, and pointed to JFK’s adoption of the goal of putting a man on the Moon as an example of adopting a mission which can mobilize the whole society.

Wise minds around the planet also recognize that it is the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche that are the moving force behind this living process. Those minds will have taken due note of the fact that major interviews with Lyndon and Helga LaRouche were published contemporaneously last week, in the leading press agencies of the two leading powers, Russia and China, presenting the programmatic basis for the planet’s advance. And those wise minds will also be attentive to upcoming LaRouche activities in Asia and beyond, none of which will be found amusing by today’s Zeus.

Lyndon LaRouche stressed the deeper concept involved in his Aug. 22 webcast:

“Now, the question is, we are dealing with a universe, a universe which is intrinsically itself creative. And the point is that when we loop into an understanding of what this is, that is in our paws, so to speak, and recognize that that’s our solution, that’s what we mean by what’s going on in China right now. Right? That’s what it means.

It means that we know that mankind has a power of creativity, human creativity, which is not found anywhere else, to the best of our knowledge, on this planet. And therefore, our business is to specialize, in becoming the discoveries — discoverers and discoveries — of these kinds of things. We must discover the universe, as Prometheus would have done. And that’s the way to look at it. All you have to do is bring Prometheus into play.”

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