We Are at the Advent of the Greatest Renaissance in Human History

The old system of empire is dying rapidly and the signs are evident to anyone who wishes to look. Two governments have collapsed, in Ukraine and France. In Lyndon LaRouche’s view, it is the EU as a whole and as a system, which is collapsing. And in the United States, President Barack Obama is sowing the seeds of his own doom. Monday, the White House briefing strongly implied that Obama will not be going to Congress for approval for the next phase of military operations in Iraq and possibly Syria. This puts the President directly at odds with General Martin Dempsey and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who have clearly spelled out the requirements of a coordinated regional effort — including both Syria and Iran — to defeat the scourge of ISIS.

Lyndon LaRouche noted today, “The Dempsey case makes it clear. General Dempsey has essentially accepted responsibility for cleaning up the ISIS mess. And that is a great achievement.” Such an operation requires that the President goes to Congress for full debate and authorization of such a serious military support operation. Having been set up by the military leadership to do the right thing, Obama apparently insists on doing the wrong, unconstitutional thing. His defiance is going to be his doom.

The larger point, as emphasized by LaRouche on Monday, both in his dialogue with his Policy Committee and in other discussions with colleagues, is that the entire current system is doomed, finished and cannot be saved. The British Empire’s alternative of war is totally unacceptable, and Russia and China both continue to demonstrate that they will not cave in to the Empire’s bluffs — certainly not when they are coming from the mouths of Obama and David Cameron, who are both finished. Merkel is bringing about her own doom by shutting down Germany’s nuclear power sector and its Mittelstand, by capitulating to the Western sanctions against Russia.

This is no time for small-minded thinking. The old system is dead and the seeds of the new system are already planted. The transition may be perilous because the British and their stooges, including their stooges in Washington, are not going to take their defeat lying down. But they are tremendously weakened by the fact that Putin in Russia in particular has refused to cave in to the threats and bluffs. “Russia’s playing a very clever strategic role,” LaRouche said, “in dealing with a strategic crisis which they had thrust upon them.” Regarding Ukraine, “Essentially, Russia has won.”

Contrast this demise of almost all of the leadership of the trans-Atlantic region to the fact that you have strong and popular leaders in power in China, Russia, India and now Egypt.

In discussion with his LaRouche PAC Policy Committee, LaRouche said, of the emergence of the China-Russia-India BRICS alliance, and the leading exemplar of China’s lunar science and technology program: “Mankind has achieved many things. But mankind has recently achieved something which had never been achieved by mankind before…. We have in our hands, access to power of a certain kind; that is, the power to change the behavior of the planet.” Later he added, “We’re on the edge of the greatest Renaissance that mankind has ever experienced.”

Look at the dramatic changes that have taken place in Egypt since the el-Sisi inauguration, which took place soon after the BRICS meeting in Brazil last month. Without the BRICS initiatives, it is unlikely that President el-Sisi would have been able to break from the old corrupt IMF system that had strangled Egypt since the demise of Nasser. Look at China’s leadership in driving the next great scientific revolution— thermonuclear fusion and helium-3. At least some portion of mankind is looking at the stars and seeing the future.

“We are experiencing— those who are participating in this— we are experiencing the true meaning of life. And we want other people to get in on this…. Get in on the racket, the meaning of life, and start to enjoy it!”

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