At Last an Approach to a System of Cooperation Among Nations

—August 26—

The whole system, as it has been, is essentially largely disintegrating. The U.S. is about to go totally, hopelessly bankrupt: it’s all about to be over very soon. Within just weeks, there will probably be no one in the U.S. who is not starving; and if you’re not prepared to do something about it by now,– to change your ways, you’re probably done for already. Do you realize that we’re on the edge of the extinction of the human species? Unless what we’re working on succeeds, you’re dead!

But we do have a combination which can work. It’s weak; it’s vulnerable as Hell, but it can work–it must! What we’re looking at is a hopefully no-disintegration kind of process, which will lead to an approach to a system of cooperation among nations. “I think we’re on the edge of where it might be possible to do that,” Lyndon LaRouche said. And it will certainly be a well-appreciated thing to do. We don’t need Hell any more.

Tens of thousands or more likely hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are celebrating in the streets of Gaza and the West Bank this evening, after an indefinite Gaza truce was negotiated by the Egyptian government for 7:00PM Cairo time, after 50 days of terrible slaughter, and was announced by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas from Ramallah. Only Egypt will monitor the truce.

At the same time, Egypt took a hand elsewhere in draining the swamps of the Middle East. Yesterday, Cairo hosted a meeting on Libya of neighboring governments (Libya, Algeria, Sudan, Tunisia, Chad, and the Secretary-General of the Arab League), and Egypt’s Foreign Minister left the meeting calling on all the Libyan militias to disarm.

“Won’t that make a black day for Hillary Clinton,” who exulted at Libyan President Qaddafi’s murder, Lyndon LaRouche asked? Doesn’t it threaten everything Obama has done in Libya? At the time of the meeting, the Obama Administration was pointing the finger of blame at Egypt for bombing Islamist militias in Libya. Their charge against Egypt is not proven, but their anger at Egypt for trying to settle the crisis there without Obama’s permission, is real.

On Sunday, Aug. 24, Egypt participated in a meeting on ISIS and Syria in Jeddah, with the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and the UAE. That same day, Egypt’s President al-Sisi assembled the editors-in-chief of Egypt’s top newspapers, and told them that Egypt supports neither the Syrian regime nor the Syrian opposition. Instead, he said Egypt’s efforts are focussed on thwarting any scheme to divide Syria. Egypt’s sole interest in the issue is to preserve the unity of Syria’s territory and to protect it from the danger of division. Egypt is working to reach a peaceful solution to the situation in Syria. And also on that same Sunday, the Grand Mufti of Damascus paid a visit to Cairo, his first since 2011, to meet with the Grand Imam of Cairo’s Al-Azhar University.

Obama insists on pursuing a private, illegal, undeclared war against Syria, even as he seeks to pursue another private, illegal undeclared war against ISIS. Today’s New York Times has a White House leak on how to attack ISIS in Syria without cooperating with the Syrian government: have a jet sneak up to the Syrian border and fire a standoff missile, while looping back into Iraqi territory. This masturbational delusion is supposed to destroy whatever ISIS militants may be standing there near the border. By contrast, the Joint Chiefs, along with Lyndon LaRouche and other patriotic Americans, demand that Obama enter into a transparent alliance with all the governments fighting ISIS, and bring the whole plan to the Congress for a vote, as required by law.

The Joint Chiefs, of like mind with Egypt’s efforts, are reported to be sharing their ISIS-intelligence with Syria through Berlin, Moscow and Baghdad.

The pattern is clear. The pattern is that the previous systems that dominated the planet are now being reshuffled: “reshuffled” is probably the right term: which will lead to a new and better world.

Take Egypt for example. Take India: India is also a country which is rebuilding its character. And then you look at all the other places, and you find out you’ve got a pattern of nations which are leading toward all kinds of cooperation with each other, knowing that the result would be a disaster if they didn’t do it. It’s an excellent situation.

What’s finished is the British Empire, and a lot of the U.S. Empire. These crap artists are finished.

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