Chinese Ambassador to Mexico Writes: “Better the Prosperity of Many Than of One Alone”

In an opinion column published in Mexico’s El Financiero Wednesday, China’s Ambassador to Mexico, Qiu Xiaoqi, eloquently spelled out the strategic importance for all nations, developing and developed, of the new world economic and political order now coming together around the BRICS grouping. The underlying philosophy of that order is captured in the article’s headline: “Better the Prosperity of Many Than of One Alone.”

The Ambassador’s intervention comes at a good time. While Mexico has thus far remained at arm’s length from the global revolution set into motion following the July BRICS summit, it cannot remain so for long. The concept of a world organized around sovereign nations cooperating on productive development, is precisely Mexico’s historic foreign policy, expressed most recently in the adminstration of President Jose Lopez Portillo (1976-1982). The new paradigm sweeping the world will bring that historic Mexico back to life, as it has better historic tendencies in many countries around the globe. To kick that into motion, the LaRouche Citizens Movement of Mexico has begun circulating a statement titled “Mexico’s Only Choice: Join the BRICS Alliance.”

Ambassador Qiu Xiaoqi told Mexicans that the establishment of the new BRICS bank and contingency fund “marks a momentous milestone in cooperation between developing countries. Likewise, it will have a significant and far-reaching impact on improving even more the international financial system, and promoting healthy and sustainable global economic growth.”

Not only will the new BRICS financial institutions increase collaboration between BRICS member states in such strategic areas as infrastructure, energy, finance, and investment, but it “will help strengthen beneficial cooperation between developing countries, because that is one of its purposes…

“The developing countries today are at a new historic take-off point for achieving greater development and advances, but they face a great shortage of infrastructure, financing, and economic resources. The new multilateral bank and the Contingency Reserve Agreement will capitalize on the benefits afforded by independent financial cooperation…

“… [P]ractical cooperation between BRICS members will favor the progress of the developing nations, as well as the stability of the world economy, and the recovery and growth of developed nations. In the process, the reactivation of these nations will also benefit the prosperity of the developing countries, including the BRICS. A Chinese saying says: ‘Better the prosperity of many than that of one alone.’

“I hope that all the countries of the world adhere to the concept of cooperation based on shared benefits, and will make unceasing efforts to promote joint development and common prosperity.”

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