Leave the Hysterical Ghosts Aside—The BRICS Are Consolidating a New World Economic Order

If you are a simpleton, who simply responds to sensual stimuli, you might think that the important developments of August 28 were the carryings-on of the Ukrainian and NATO governments, who responded to a defeat for the Ukrainian military in southeastern Ukraine with an emergency UN Security Council meeting, and a lot of screaming from witch Samantha Power.

“These government are just ghosts, with no resources to rely on,” commented Lyndon LaRouche. “They are a bunch of hysterics who are totally bankrupt, and they are not going to get anywhere. They might just as well sit down and contemplate whether they’re going to shoot themselves.”

The actual news of August 28 occurred in activities that represent new advances by the BRICS nations, in building the relationships that will create a new just world economic order. The Russians, for example, were hosting BRICS leader and South African President Zuma, and had sent their economic development minister to Myanmar, to negotiate a new, closer relationship with ASEAN, especially on food. Additionally, the Russian Foreign Ministry posted an interview by Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov on its website, in which he touts Russia’s support for the BRICS as a crucial institution, including its necessity to replace the IMF with “financial support to promising projects.”

On Aug. 29, Russia will host Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif, for discussion that will likely include expanded trade in food, as well as the international negotiations of nuclear issues.

The Chinese, for their part, were hosting a meeting of the chiefs of staff of the armed forces of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, including Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov. The official agenda included the situations in Afghanistan, on the eve of the U.S. withdrawal, and in Southwest Asia, on which Gerasimov pointedly noted that “forceful actions do not bring about positive results and lead to dramatic consequences for countries in the region.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese Foreign Minister took the time to place a phone call to the Argentine Foreign Minister, to discuss follow-up to the agreements made during President Xi Jinping’s trip in July. Such an initiative signifies that the broad support for Argentina’s fight against the vultures of the dying system, is not only alive and well, but growing. These hysterical vultures actually moved this week to try to get the Bank of China to hand over information to them on their loans to Argentina—to try to collect. They aren’t going to get anything!

The world has changed, and a new process of development is coming into being. In a real sense, Lyndon LaRouche and his movement have served as the mid-wife to that process—and have committed themselves to continue to feed it, through providing the Promethean gifts of science. Mastery of those gifts is what will ensure that the victory, which is so clearly visible before us, will not slip from mankind’s grasp.

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