Poles Pressure Germany: So What?

In an article dated August 27, in the “Eastern Approaches” section of its website, the London Economist reports that the Polish government is pressuring Germany to become more hostile towards Russia. It reports that, in an article in the daily Rzeczpospolita, Roman Kuzniar, a foreign-policy adviser to Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski, accused Germany of appeasement.

“So what?” responded American statesman Lyndon LaRouche. “Just another dumb Pole!”

Kuzniar wrote that “Putin is paralyzing their freedom of action in the same way that a snake in the desert paralyzes a rabbit,” and “We have to accept that because of Berlin’s specific relationship with Russia, we cannot count on Germany in matters of regional security.” The Economist adds its own pressure along the same lines.

“Why don’t they put their penises inside their pants?” LaRouche asked. “Then they wouldn’t have this problem. That’s the only way to answer it.”

The EU Summit of Saturday, August 30, for the first time elected a leader of a former Warsaw Pact country as President of the EU Council: Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk. “So what?” asked LaRouche again. That day’s Daily Telegraph of London wrote, “David Cameron Scores EU Victory as Polish Ally Named New European President.” Cameron and Tusk were not always so close, however. In a hypocritical attack on the European Union for “benefits tourism” earlier this year, Cameron cited a figure of 55 million pounds per year paid by British taxpayers to support children of immigrants in their home countries, most of them Polish. Tusk denounced him furiously at the time.

That same August 30 EU summit tasked the EU bureaucracy to come up with a new package of sanctions against Russia within a week. Some of their so-called leaders are saying that now Russia has one week to change its policy, before the September 4-5 NATO Summit in Wales. “EU officials appear to believe that these measures will leave Russia so isolated from global markets that they may have no alternative but to capitulate to a political solution,” Deutsche Welle reported today.

Yes, indeed! Putin had better reserve that television time now, for his capitulation. “Russia won’t change policy,” said LaRouche.

Deutsche Welle has an EU paper on the next phase of sanctions, which will put many more names on the list of banned individual Russians, and might also bar Russian banks, and energy and defense firms from EU stock exchanges.

“That’s a great benefit to Russia,” LaRouche said. “And do you know the effect this will have on the nations of western Europe? It will devastate them.”

Also lined up for the September 4-5 NATO summit is “a new joint expeditionary force of at least 10,000 personnel to bolster NATO’s power in response to Russian aggression in Ukraine,” London’s Financial Times reported August 28. “The force will incorporate air and naval units as well as ground troops, and will be led by British commanders, with other nations contributing a range of specialist troops and units. Countries involved at present include Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway and the Netherlands. Canada has also expressed an interest in taking part.”

“The Children’s Crusade,” said LaRouche.

But speaking on Meet the Press Sunday, senior California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein said, “I think there ought to be some direct discussions with Vladimir Putin. I think he is the singular figure in Russia. Russia is a huge country. Ukraine is a large country. The Crimea is gone. I think there ought to be steps taken to send people to talk with him; to have our Secretary of State talk with him personally. I think this is deeply personal with him. I really do. And I think he’s calling the shots himself. And he’s enjoying intensely high favorability in his country.”

Feinstein continued, “People say, ‘Well, just wait until the sanctions bite and the economy slips.’ I don’t think so. I think if Russians follow him, and up to date, they are following him, the Russians are very brave and very long-suffering, and they will tough out any economic difficulty.”

“She’s right,” said LaRouche.

At the same moment, in a scene vividly reminiscent of Cape Canaveral in the 1960s, thousands of Argentines gathered spontaneously Sunday morning at the airport in Bariloche, to celebrate the air-shipment of their indigenous ARSAT-1 communications satellite to French Guyana, where it will be launched into orbit in October. President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner tweeted that the satellite shows the “capacity to create technology as a result of the State’s investment and highly qualified human resources.” Only eight countries in the world have the ability to build satellites of this complexity, she said.

“Look at the world situation for a moment,” LaRouche said Sunday afternoon. “What do you have? You have a bunch of silly fascists from certain parts of Europe, especially the wrong part, so to speak. They’re stupid people; they’re behaving stupidly; they’re demanding silly things, and I think we ought to quietly wipe them off the slate. What we have from the Polish creeps, for example, are things that we have no business wasting our time on. These guys are fraudsters, they’re hoaxsters, they’re liars, they’re cheats. They’re no damn good! So forget them! Don’t waste your time on them. At the same time we have very valuable people in Europe, in various categories; they’re very important.

“But now we have the real problem of the errors, follies, and mistakes of other parts of Europe, and other parts of the world. We have a wonderful world from the standpoint of the BRICS, a wonderful world. What’s happened in terms of Africa: wonderful! What’s happened in China: wonderful! What’s happened in India: wonderful! They’re wonderful because they’re implicitly wonderful; they may not have really reached their maturity, but they’re wonderful things. Everything we do, should be oriented to that intention. We want to go directly to emphasize that.”

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