LaRouche: The United States Is Bankrupt; Its Economy Will Die Unless Boehner and Obama Are Removed Now

Lyndon LaRouche on Tuesday delivered a stark warning that the United States economy is collapsing, with a financial system bankrupt beyond repair. However, he added, there are clear corrective measures that can be taken, “if we can get control of the process and stall the collapse,” but this remedy is political — remove President Obama from office without further delay, along with his protector John Boehner. Under Obama’s tenure as President, the US economy has been virtually wiped out. Today, the southwest region of the country is dead, facing a collapse of the entire water system. This will soon translate into mass starvation unless emergency actions are taken—actions that Obama and Boehner have systematically blocked.
Obama, Boehner Not Interested in Economic Infrastructure; Asia Is
The depth of crisis is highlighted by the fact that the entire US banking system is about to blow up altogether, on a scale far beyond that of the 2007-2009 breakdown; and the American people’s impoverishment has grown worse every year since 2007 — and in many periods before that as well. It is not certain what day of the week the blowout will happen, or whether it will begin with the collapse of a major European or Wall Street bank. What is certain, however, is that the collapse is coming very soon.

LaRouche emphasized that recognizing this harsh reality is the first step towards managing the crisis so that it does not lead to complete disintegration and death. This means that Boehner must go from the Speaker’s chair; Obama must go from the White House. This is the number one matter for Congress to take up when they return on Sept. 8. Nothing short of Obama’s removal can create the conditions by which the United States can avert thorough extermination of the economy.

LaRouche’s message to the American people, delivered to colleagues on Tuesday was: “Obama is starving you to death, so you must remove him now. Then we can reorganize the finances of the nation to prevent a chaotic collapse.” Actions can be taken right away to boost production in the United States, by launching vital infrastructure projects and other measures so that the reality of the bankruptcy of the nation can be managed and a collapse stalled while new policies are put in place to restore physical-economic real growth.

His second message, on the success of those countries which are grouping around the unique creativity of China’s economy — the BRICS and other nations becoming associated with it — is amply illustrated every day. Russia, on Tuesday, gave China unique access to investment in Rosneft and in its Siberian gas fields, a sign of the complete confidence Russia is now placing in its Eurasian alliances. The two nations are building the world’s largest gas pipeline network. India was reported moving toward joining the China initiative, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, along with other Asian nations. Egypt has resumed the 20-year-delayed development of nuclear power on its Mediterranean coast, announcing a major new infrastructure project almost every week. While Argentina geared up food exports to Russia, it received full assurances from China that the latter’s investments in Argentine nuclear and hydroelectric complexes are “vulture-proof”, and that China will provide zero information to the likes of Elliot Management and NML hedge fund.

To the threats of war and financial war from London, NATO, London’s puppets like Obama, these increasingly successful nations are saying, as LaRouche has, “So what?” He stressed, “What I’m saying, I can tell you, it’s what’s being said in Russia. It’s what’s being said in Argentina; in China; in Egypt…” The BRICS nations are “doing fine,” and even Germany can be saved and probably will survive by aligning with the BRICS. Modi in India has “wonderful opportunities.”

China, above all, has performed miracles and is moving the world towards new discoveries about the Solar System. “What’s coming from China is going to be bigger than anything you’ve seen so far. This is creativity.”

LaRouche added that he sees former President Bill Clinton as a potentially key figure in the realignment of the country in a post-Obama era starting in the immediate days ahead — but only with the proper assistance.

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