Time to Get Serious About Dumping Obama and Boehner

24 hours ahead of the NATO heads of state summit in Wales, President Obama was running around in Estonia making absolutely wildly provocative statements against Russia on Wednesday. In what can only be described as a clinical demonstration of his total disconnect from reality, Obama, during a speech in Tallinn, launched into a tirade against Russia’s “brazen assault” against Ukraine, and then declared that “The protests in Ukraine on the Maidan were not led by neo-Nazis or fascists. They were led by ordinary Ukrainians, men and women, young and old, who were fed up with a corrupt regime and who wanted to share in the progress and prosperity that they see in the rest of Europe. And they did not engage in an armed seizure of power….”

He went on to single out Russia, lying that “It was not the government of Kiev that destabilized eastern Ukraine. It’s been the pro-Russian separatists who are encouraged by Russia, financed by Russia, trained by Russia, supplied by Russia, and armed by Russia. And the Russian forces that have now moved into Ukraine are not on a humanitarian or peace-keeping mission. They are Russian combat forces with Russian weapons in Russian tanks.” After extolling the success of the European economy, Obama went on to claim that the sanctions imposed on Russia had devastated the Russian economy and that Russia was totally isolated.

The reality on the ground in eastern Ukraine poses a further “reality” challenge to Obama and to the other NATO heads of state gathering in Wales today, Sept. 4. Ukrainian forces have been badly defeated in the most recent combat, with an estimated 7,000 Ukrainian troops from the army and the militias now surrounded in various parts of the east. On Wednesday morning, President Vladimir Putin spoke by phone with Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko. After the call, both the Ukrainian and Russian governments issued statements indicating that the two heads of state had discussed parameters of a long-term cease-fire and resolution of the status of the eastern provinces of Ukraine. Putin told RIIA Novosti that he was hopeful that Friday’s meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk, Belarus would result in final agreements.

Obama’s psychotic denial of reality around the Ukraine situation is matched by that of the British, who are preparing a final proposal for the NATO summit for the creation of a British-led rapid response force of 4,000 to be deployable against Russia on 8 hours notice. Furthermore, NATO countries are conducting a series of manuevers throughout the month of September—in western Ukraine, in the Black Sea, and in eastern Europe—all under the umbrella of “Atlantic Resolve.” The Black Sea manuevers, labeled “Sea Breeze” will take place Sept. 8-10 and will involve naval ships from the U.S. and four European NATO countries. The U.S. ship will be the USS Ross, the second AEGIS missile defense destroyer deployed to Rota, Spain

Lyndon LaRouche on Wednesday declared that NATO is being steered by the British and they are highly vulnerable. “They better not attack, because Russia will respond—and the response will not be what the British are expecting.”

The truth is that there is no basis for a durable peace so long as Obama and Boehner are in power in the U.S. Congress has all of the evidence required to begin immediate impeachment proceedings against Obama on Sept. 8 when the House and Senate return to Washington—on Lyndon LaRouche’s 92nd birthday. No self-respecting Congress could tolerate the continuation of Boehner as Speaker of the House any more than a self-respecting Congress could fail to impeach Obama. This is the reality and it is time to face that reality squarely. Obama has been flaunting his rejection of Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution by sending six letters to Congress on the growing deployments in Iraq—claiming in each instance that the letters are sufficient to allow another 60 days of U.S. military action without Congressional authorization. This is in itself a high crime and misdemeanor and warrants his instant ouster.

The U.S. economy has been virtually wiped out by the Obama policies. The latest crisis is in the Prairie States, where the freight rail cartel—owned by Obama boosters Warren Buffett and another hedge fund crony—is threatening to wipe out this year’s wheat crop by refusing to ship the grain to market. In parts of the grain belt, wheat is rotting in silos for four months, as the freight cars carry oil from the fracking fields of the region.

If you want to avoid thermonuclear extinction or a total disintegration of the U.S. economy, then get behind the campaign to impeach Obama and remove Boehner now!

Reality has also been asserted in Asia, where Helga Zepp-LaRouche continues her successful tour in China. On Wednesday, Helga appeared on a three-person panel on CCTV prime time, commemorating Sept. 3, the day that World War II ended in the Pacific with the defeat of fascism. Helga presented a clear map of the breakthroughs by the BRICS nations, the Russia-China strategic partnership, the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, the New Development Bank, and Xi Jinping’s New Silk Road. She warned that the Western financial system is headed for a total crash in the very near future, and that all of the policies following the September 2008 crisis failed to end the too-big-to-fail mess, and that those banks are now 40 percent bigger and heading for a total explosion. She noted that the economic policies of the Shinzo Abe government in Japan have aligned with Wall Street and London and are also doomed—in stark contrast with the project financing perspective of the BRICS.

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