Col. Pat Lang Mocks ‘The Obama Doctrine’

Col. Pat Lang, a former top officer at DIA and other intelligence agencies, responded on his blog, Thursday, to President Obama’s insane rant, Wednesday, in Estonia, where he said there were no fascists on the Maidan, that Russia is entirely to blame for all problems in Europe, that Putin is trying to restore the Czarist Empire, etc.. Col. Lang focused on Obama’s statement that “Now, these are the facts. They are provable. They’re not subject to dispute.”

Col. Lang writes: “The Obama Administration likes facts ‘not subject to dispute.’ A year ago those facts ‘not subject to dispute’ concerned the Syrian government’s supposed use of Sarin gas against civilians. In that instance the facts were so indisputable that the US intelligence community could not be dragooned into issuing a white paper that would have named the Syrian government as the culprit in the gas attacks. Failing that the WH simply wrote its own paper asserting irrefutable proof of Assad’s crime. Evidence was not provided. Mere assertions were enough for the indirectly but nevertheless effectively manipulated US media.”

Noting the $6 billion spent by the US to overthrow the elected government in Ukraine, Col. Lang writes: “The protests and snipers on the Maidan in Kiev had nothing to do with ‘neo-Nazis or fascists?’ It appears that POTUS believes that ‘Right Sector’ is actually something like the Rotary Club.”

Obama’s drive for empire, he says, may be disrupted by the deal in the works between Putin and Poroshenko. “That must have been a real shock among the Crusaders,” he concludes. “How dare they! Mumble. Mumble.”

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